Social Care Wales

Social Care Wales (previously the Care Council for Wales) brings together the Care Council for Wales and the Social Services Improvement Agency, combining their functions for regulating, supporting and developing the workforce and using data and research to improve practice and service delivery.

Social Care Wales aims to raise the quality of care and support in Wales, so that people’s lives can be improved. It has functions related to the childcare and early years workforce as follows:

  • support the early years and social care workforce so they have the knowledge and skills to protect and support those who need help
  • work with others to improve services for areas agreed as a national priority
  • set priorities for research to get evidence of what works well
  • share good practice

Social Care Wales work closely with Qualifications Wales, the qualifications regulator, to ensure qualifications for the childcare and early years sector are fit for purpose. CIW, as the regulator of childcare in Wales, work closely with Social Care Wales to ensure a consistent approach to qualification requirements for those managing or working in regulated services.

Qualifications required

The link to the Qualification Framework for Early Years and Childcare in Wales helps those who work in the sector, want to employ somebody in the sector or anybody else who may need to know about early years and childcare qualifications, understand what qualifications they will need to work in the early years and childcare sector in Wales.

This list should be used alongside the qualification list produced by Skills Active, the Sector Skills Council for playworkers and referring to standards and regulations stipulated by Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).

How do PACEY Cymru work with Social Care Wales?

PACEY Cymru works closely with Social Care Wales to support development of qualifications, units and other work. This has included, in the past 12 months:

  • Development of draft content for new qualifications in Wales
  • Review of the List of Required Qualifications for Early years and Childcare in Wales
  • Key member of the Qualifications and Standards Sub-Committee (QSSC) and Early Years and Childcare Workforce Development Network

Have any queries?

Please contact PACEY Cymru on or 02920 351407.