Workshops in Wales / Gweithdai yng Nghymru

Darllenwch hyn yn Gymraeg yma.  Read this in Welsh here

PACEY Cymru offer a range of workshops to support childcare professionals who want to develop their knowledge and practice.  We also offer workshops for people who are interested in learning more about working in the childcare and the early years sector in Wales.

PACEY Cymru workshops in Wales are specific to those working in Wales, and link to policy and practice. They can be delivered on behalf of Local authority childcare and Flying Start teams, community organisations, in childcare settings, or Job Centre Plus for example.

PACEY Cymru can deliver workshops locally, or online by webinar.  Please see our Webinar for Wales page for more information about our current webinar training programme.

PACEY also offers a wide range of online course on CEY smart - our member exclusive training platform for anyone early years and childcare professional that can be done at on any device at any time.

To find out more about any of the workshops listed on this page, please contact PACEY Cymru on or 02920 351407.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Get in touch with us at PACEY Cymru.  We welcome suggestions for workshops that we could develop in the future as well as having access to a wider range in our workshop library.

Professional Practice (providing a quality childcare service)

Steps to Safety

The aim of this workshop is for you to recognise the importance of risk assessment and to explore how effective risk assessments can be carried out and recorded, and how to start to complete effective risk assessment for your own settings.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe what risk assessments are and identify the reasons why risk assessments are important
  • Consider the level of risk and actions which can be taken to minimise these
  • Consider differentiation of risk depending on children’s ages and stage of development

Completing your annual Quality of Care Review

This workshop is aimed at those of you preparing to complete your annual Quality of Care Review. It explores the benefits of self-assessment and the areas of childcare practice that you could include in your reports. Following this, you will understand how to complete your Quality of Care Review and plan priorities for improvement.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of self-reflection
  • Reflect on areas of childcare practice in relation to the themes of the CIW Inspection Framework
  • Identify what information needs to be included in your Quality of Care Review

Preparing for Inspection

The aim of this workshop is to explore how registered childcare providers can prepare for your inspection, including opportunities to promote and evidence the quality of your setting during the process.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand CIW Inspection process and what to expect
  • Prepare for your CIW inspection
  • Identify how to evidence and promote the quality of your service
  • Reflect on your practice and keeping up to date
  • Develop an action plan in line with preparing for inspection

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

My voice, my choice - Children's rights and participation

The aim of this workshop is to raise your awareness of how you can promote children's rights and participate effectively with children in your care and their families. We will talk you through the many benefits, including for the children’s confidence & self-esteem as they grow into adults with the skills they have developed through participation.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define effective participation
  • Identify current good practice
  • Develop skills to collect evidence for CIW on the voice of children in your setting
  • Use the evidence to reflect on and improve their practice

Play with Lego®

This workshop will help inspire and spark creative ways of using Lego® as open ended activities that support the overall holistic development of children within your setting. For children - Play is a means of making sense of the world around them. 

Following this workhop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of playful learning and the benefits of this
  • Understand how activities link to the Foundation Phase Areas of Learning and the new curriculum for Wales to support the holistic development of children
  • Reflect on practice and consider how the activities can support your planning for children's development

Confident communication - Assertiveness

Have you found it difficult to negotiate challenging conversations with families?

The aim of this workshop is to support you to improve your assertiveness and encourage the use of strategies to help develop your self-esteem and confidence.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of self-image and self-esteem 
  • Explore what is meant by assertiveness
  • Identify strategies to improve confident communication

Promoting positive behaviour

The aim of this workshop is to explore factors that may affect children’s behaviour, and identify positive ways of encouraging positive behaviour in your setting.  

Following this workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe typical behaviours
  • Understand appropriate expectations of behaviour
  • Reflect on your practice & develop an action plan

Supporting children's thinking

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to learn how you can support children’s thinking, including activities relating to task and focus, problem solving and development of imagination. There is a strong focus on well-being and self-regulation through sensitive interactions with others throughout the training. We will discuss how self-reflection and the interaction between adult and child can improve the quality of provision and the well-being of children.

We will look at how to use the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW) Scale as a self-reflective Toolkit. We will talk you through the resource and provide scenarios to support good practice.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by sustained shared thinking in terms of child development
  • Explore the use of sustained shared thinking in order to support emotional well-being of the child
  • Reflect on the opportunities provided within your setting
  • Understand the purpose of the SSTEW Toolkit
  • Use SSTEW Scale as a self-reflective resource to enhance your professional development

Childcare Business Development

My First Year - Newly registered childminders

This workshop is aimed at newly registered childminders who would like support, guidance or new ideas on areas including marketing, inspections, record keeping and top tips for financial planning. This workshop will look at this with you and also help you to start thinking about the future and what you need to do to not only maintain your service but to help you develop an established and successful childminding business.

Following this workhop, you will be able to:

  • Explore the basics of marketing and business management relevant to your childminding service
  • Consider how to use these principles in the development of your service
  • Understand how to maintain a sustainable business

Growing my business

This workshop focuses on how to improve your business, providing you with support and guidance on how to operate the business side of your childcare service. You will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the variety of factors which impact on the running and development of your service, including filling vacancies, managing finances, record keeping and reviewing policies and procedures.  

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explore tools and strategies in marketing your childcare business
  • Understand record keeping requirements
  • Consider the financial planning and implications of running a professional business
  • Know where to seek advice and support from others


Welsh Language Development

Please see our web page for details of Camau- a scheme to help workers in the childcare, early years and playwork sector to learn Welsh and improve their language skills.  Please also refer to Webinars for Wales for details of PACEY Cymru's frequent short Welsh language support webinars.


Childcare Choices

This workshop is an introduction to the varied roles and rewards of working in childcare, and provides you with information on the opportunities in childcare. This workshop will hopefully help you decide your chosen route to childcare.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the different roles available in childcare
  • Consider whether working in childcare is the right choice
  • Discuss the rewards of working with children
  • Prepare for the next steps towards a career in childcare

Briefing sessions

Why choose to become a registered childminder or approved nanny?

If you are passionate about giving children the best start in life and would like a career that fits in with your family commitments then becoming a registered childminder could be an ideal choice. This workshop outlines the benefits of becoming a childminder and how you can develop your skills and build a business, while supporting children and families in your local community.

Following this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the roles of both a registered childminder and an approved nanny:
  • Understand the registration or approval process
  • Consider whether childminding or becoming a nanny is the right career choice for you
  • Understand the next steps

PACEY Cymru are currently offering three further pre-registration support webinars; Statement of purpose, writing your policies and procedures, and completing your CIW application. Further information and dates are available at Webinars for Wales.


Mae PACEY Cymru yn cynnig amrywiaeth o weithdai i gefnogi gweithwyr gofal plant proffesiynol sydd am wella eu gwybodaeth a’u harferion. Rydyn ni hefyd yn cynnig gweithdai i bobl sydd am ddysgu rhagor am weithio yn y sector gofal plant a’r blynyddoedd cynnar yng Nghymru.

Mae gweithdai PACEY Cymru yn benodol i’r rhai sy’n gweithio yng Nghymru ac yn cysylltu i bolisïau ac arfer. Gellir eu cyflwyno ar ran timau gofal plant Awdurdodau Lleol a Dechrau’n Deg, sefydliadau cymunedol, mewn gosodiadau gofal plant, neu Ganolfan Swyddi a Mwy, er enghraifft.

Gall PACEY Cymru gyflwyno gweithdai yn lleol, neu ar-lein mewn gweminar. Gweler ein tudalen Gweminarau ar gyfer Cymru i gael rhagor o wybodaeth am ein rhaglen hyfforddi bresennol ar ffurf gweminarau.

Mae PACEY hefyd yn cynnig amrywiaeth eang o gyrsiau ar-lein, ac mae llawer ohonynt am ddim i aelodau. Mae CEY smart hefyd yn cynnig cyrsiau hyfforddiant byr ar-lein am ddim i unrhyw weithwyr proffesiynol ym maes gofal plant a’r blynyddoedd cynnar a gellir eu cyflawni unrhyw bryd ar unrhyw ddyfais.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am unrhyw un o’r gweithdai a restrir ar y dudalen hon, cysylltwch â PACEY Cymru ar neu 02920 351407.

Methu dod o hyd i’r hyn rydych chi’n chwilio amdano? Cysylltwch â ni yn PACEY Cymru.  Rydyn ni’n croesawu awgrymiadau o ran pa weithdai y gallwn ni eu datblygu yn y dyfodol yn ogystal ag ehangu’r amrywiaeth yn ein llyfrgell gweithdai.

Arfer Proffesiynol (darparu gwasanaeth gwarchod plant o safon) 

Camau at Ddiogelwch - Asesiadau Risg

Nod y gweithdy hwn yw eich helpu i gydnabod pwysigrwydd asesiadau risg ac archwilio sut mae cyflawni asesiadau risg effeithiol a’u cofnodi, a sut mae dechrau cwblhau asesiad risg effeithiol ar gyfer eich lleoliadau eich hun.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Disgrifio beth yw asesiadau risg a nodi’r rhesymau pam eu bod nhw’n bwysig
  • Ystyried lefelau risgiau a’r camau y gellir eu cymryd i leihau’r rhain
  • Ystyried gwahaniaethu risgiau yn dibynnu ar oedran plant a’u cam datblygu

Cwblhau eich Adolygiad Ansawdd Gofal blynyddol

Mae’r gweithdy hwn wedi’i dargedu at y rheiny sy’n paratoi i gwblhau eu Hadolygiad Ansawdd Gofal blynyddol. Mae’n edrych ar fanteision hunanasesu a’r meysydd o arfer gofal plant y gallech eu cynnwys yn eich adroddiadau. Yn dilyn hwn, byddwch yn deall sut mae cwblhau eich Adolygiad Ansawdd Gofal a chynllunio blaenoriaethau i’w gwella.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn byddwch yn gallu:

  • Deall pwysigrwydd hunan-fyfyrio
  • Myfyrio ar feysydd o arfer gofal plant mewn perthynas â themâu Fframwaith Arolygu AGC
  • Gwybod pa wybodaeth sydd angen ei chynnwys yn eich Adolygiad Ansawdd Gofal.

Paratoi ar gyfer Arolwyg

Nod y gweithdy hwn yw deall sut allwch chi, fel darparwyr gofal plant, baratoi ar gyfer eich arolwg, gan gynnwys cyfleoedd i hyrwyddo a thystiolaethu ansawdd eich lleoliad yn y broses hon. 

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Deall proses arolygu’r AGC a’r hyn i’w ddisgwyl
  • Paratoi ar gyfer eich arolwg AGC
  • Adnabod sut i dystoliaethu a hyrwyddo ansawdd eich gwasanaeth
  • Myfyrio ar eich arferion a chael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf
  • Llunio cynllun gweithredu yn unol â pharatoi ar gyfer yr arolwg

Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus (DPP)

Fy llais, fy newis - Hawliau plant a chyfranogi

Nod y gweithdy hwn yw eich gwneud yn fwy ymwybodol o sut mae hyrwyddo hawliau plant a chyfranogi yn effeithiol gyda phlant yn eich gofal a’u teuluoedd. Byddwn yn egluro’r manteision amrywiol, gan gynnwys er lles hyder a hunan-barch y plant wrth iddynt dyfu’n oedolion gyda’r sgiliau y maen nhw wedi’u datblygu drwy gyfranogi.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Diffinio cyfranogiad effeithiol
  • Adnabod arfer da cyfredol
  • Datblygu sgiliau i gasglu tystiolaeth ar gyfer AGC o ran llais plant yn eich lleoliad
  • Defnyddio’r dystiolaeth i fyfyrio a gwella eich arfer chi

Chwarae gyda Lego®

Bydd y gweithdy hwn yn helpu i ysbrydoli ac ennyn ffyrdd creadigol o ddefnyddio Lego® fel gweithgareddau penagored sy’n cefnogi datblygiad cyfannol cyffredinol plant yn eich lleoliad. I blant - Mae chwarae'n fodd i ddeall y byd o'u hamgylch.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Esbonio'r cysyniad a’r manteision am ddysgu chwareus
  • Deall sut mae gweithgareddau’n cysylltu i Feysydd Dysgu’r Cyfnod Sylfaen a chwricwlwm newydd Cymru i gefnogi datblygiad cyfannol plant
  • Myfyrio ar arfer ac ystyried sut y gall y gweithgareddau gefnogi’r gwaith o gynllunio ar gyfer datblygiad plant

Cyfathrebu Hyderus - Pendantrwydd

A ydych chi wedi’i chael hi’n anodd cynnal sgyrsiau heriol gyda theuluoedd? Nod y gweithdy hwn yw eich cefnogi i ddod yn fwy pendant ac i’ch annog i ddefnyddio strategaethau i helpu i wella eich hunan-barch a hyder. 

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Deall pwysigrwydd hunanddelwedd a hunan-barch
  • Deall beth mae pendantrwydd yn ei olygu
  • Nodi strategaethau i gyfathrebu’n fwy hyderus

Hyrwyddo ymddygiad cadarnhaol

Nod y gweithdy hwn yw ystyried ffactorau all effeithio ar ymddygiad plant, a nodi dulliau cadarnhaol o annog ymddygiad cadarnhaol yn eich lleoliad.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Disgrifio ymddygiad nodweddiadol
  • Deall disgwyliadau ymddygiad priodol
  • Myfyrio ar eich arfer a llunio cynllun gweithredu

Cynorthwyo plant i feddwl

Bydd y gweithdy hwn yn rhoi’r cyfle i chi ddysgu sut y gallwch gynorthwyo plant i feddwl, gan gynnwys gweithgareddau sy’n ymwneud â thasg a ffocws, datrys problemau a meithrin dychymyg. Mae ffocws cryf ar les a hunan-reoleiddio drwy ryngweithio mewn modd sensitif ag eraill drwy gydol yr hyfforddiant. Byddwn yn trafod sut y gall hunan-fyfyrio a rhyngweithio rhwng oedolyn a phlentyn wella ansawdd y ddarpariaeth a lles plant.


Byddwn yn edrych ar sut mae defnyddio’r Raddfa Cyd-feddwl Parhaus a Lles Emosiynol ar ffurf offer hunan-fyfyriol. Byddwn yn esbonio’r adnodd i chi ac yn cynnig senarios i gefnogi arfer da.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Deall yr hyn a olygir gan gyd-feddwl parhaus mewn perthynas â datblygiad plant
  • Edrych ar ddefnyddio cyd-feddwl parhaus er mwyn cefnogi lles emosiynol plentyn
  • Myfyrio ar y cyfleoedd a roddir yn eich lleoliad
  • Deall pwrpas y pecyn offer Cyd-feddwl Parhaus a Lles Emosiynol
  • Defnyddio’r raddfa Cyd-feddwl Parhaus a Lles Emosiynol i wella eich datblygiad parhaus

Datblygu Busnes Gofal Plant

Fy Mlwyddyn Gyntaf - Gwarchodwyr plant newydd eu cofrestru

Mae’r gweithdy hwn wedi’i anelu at warchodwyr plant newydd eu cofrestru yr hoffent gael cymorth, arweiniad neu syniadau newydd ar feysydd sy’n cynnwys marchnata, arolygon, cadw cofnodion a chyngor da ar gynllunio ariannol. Bydd y gweithdy hwn yn trafod y rhain gyda chi a hefyd yn eich helpu i ddechrau meddwl am y dyfodol a’r hyn sydd angen i chi ei wneud, nid yn unig i gynnal eich gwasanaeth, ond i’ch helpu i gynnal a datblygu busnes gwarchod plant llwyddiannus.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Edrych ar elfennau sylfaenol marchnata a rheoli busnes sy'n berthnasol i’ch gwasanaeth gwarchod plant
  • Ystyried sut mae defnyddio'r egwyddorion hyn i ddatblygu eich gwasanaeth
  • sut mae cynnal busnes cynaliadwy

Tyfu fy musnes

Mae’r gweithdy hwn yn canolbwyntio ar sut mae gwella eich busnes, gan roi cymorth ac arweiniad i chi ynghylch gweithredu elfen fusnes o’ch gwasanaeth gofal plant. Bydd gennych gyfle i wella eich dealltwriaeth o amrywiaeth o ffactorau sy’n effeithio ar y modd rydych chi’n cynnal ac yn datblygu eich gwasanaeth, gan gynnwys llenwi swyddi gwag, rheoli eich arian, cadw cofnodion ac adolygu polisïau a gweithdrefnau.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch yn gallu:

  • Edrych ar offer a strategaethau i farchnata eich busnes gofal plant
  • Deall gofynion cadw cofnodion
  • Ystyried cynllunio ariannol a goblygiadau cynnal busnes proffesiynol
  • Gwybod ble i gael cyngor a chefnogaeth gan eraill

Datblygu'r Gymraeg

Gweler ein tudalen we am fanylion Camau- mae cynllun newydd i helpu gweithwyr yn y sector blynyddoedd cynnar, gofal pant a chwarae i ddysgu Cymraeg a gwella’u sgiliau. Cewch ragor o fanylion am ein gweminarau cymorth gyda’r Gymraeg ar ein tudalen Gweminarau ar gyfer Cymru.

Cyn Cofrestru

Dewisiadau Gofal Plant

Cyflwyniad yw’r gweithdy hwn i’r rolau a manteision o weithio ym maes gofal plant, ac mae’n rhoi’r wybodaeth i chi am y cyfleoedd sydd i’w cael yn y maes. Gobeithiwn y bydd y gweithdy hwn yn eich helpu i benderfynu ar eich llwybr at ofal plant.

Yn dilyn y gweithdy hwn, byddwch gallu:

  • Egluro’r gwahanol rolau sydd ar gael ym maes gofal plant
  • Ystyried p’un ai gweithio ym maes gofal plant yw’r dewis cywir
  • Trafod manteision gweithio gyda phlant
  • Paratoi ar gyfer y camau nesaf tuag at yrfa mewn gofal plant

Sesiynau Briffio

Pam dewis bod yn warchodwr plant cofrestredig neu nani gymeradwy?

Os ydych chi’n frwd ynglŷn â rhoi’r dechrau gorau posib i fywyd i blant a hoffech gael gyrfa sy’n gweddu i’ch ymrwymiadau teuluol, yna gallai gyrfa fel gwarchodwr plant cofrestredig fod yn ddelfrydol i chi. Mae’r gweithdy hwn yn amlinellu manteision dod yn warchodwr plant, a sut y gallwch feithrin eich sgiliau a datblygu busnes wrth gefnogi plant a theuluoedd yn eich cymuned leol.

Yn dilyn a gweithdy hwn, byddwch gallu:

  • Egluro rolau gwarchodwr plant cofrestredig a nani gymeradwy
  • Deall y broses gofrestru neu gymeradwyo
  • Ystyried ai gwarchod plant neu ddod yn nani yw’r dewis gyrfa cywir i chi
  • Deall y camau nesaf
  • rolau gwarchodwr plant cofrestredig a nani gymeradwy

Cymorth Cyn Cofrestru

Mae PACEY Cymru ar hyn o bryd yn cynnig three gweminar cymorth cyn cofrestru; datganiad o bwrpas, llunio eich polisïau a gweithdrefnau, a chwblhau eich cais gyda’r AGC. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth a dyddiadau ar gael ar y dudalen Gweminarau ar gyfer Cymru.