About Business Smart

Business Smart is a free online resource from the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) to support the sustainability of new and established childcare practitioners in England and Wales.

Business Smart originally started out as a useful resources for childminders, developed by childminders. This project originally involved almost 500 childminders who shared their views about the skills they needed to run their businesses. In the survey it revealed that around half (49%) of childminders said they knew they could do more to grow or make their business more sustainable or profitable. The majority (55%) agreed that they could make improvements as to how they run their busineses. We also conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with new and established childminders to develop the toolkit.

We are very grateful to all the childminders that helped us put together this resource. Since the launch of Business Smart, we have had postive responses from childminders who have found this took useful and benefitial to their business. Because of this, we wanted to expand Business Smart for all childcare practioners, so everyone can benefit from this toolkit.

We are pleased to say that Business Smart now has useful tips, blogs and resources for group settings, helping all childcare practioners develop a growing business that they can be proud of. We have been working closely with associates and our members to create a toolkit that benefits all. Whether you're a childminder, nanny or a nursery owner, you will find all the key basic information you need in Business Smart.


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