Bethany's experience - finding a manny

We’ve recently hired a ‘manny’ to care for our two children on an ad-hoc basis.  Our kids tend to really enjoy after-school clubs and activities, but their usual clubs were closed due to COVID.

Over the summer, we cobbled together childcare with the help of family before deciding to interview Max – a nursery worker / room leader who also works as a manny. We really liked him – he’s relaxed and professional, and is interested in being the best version of himself to suit what the kids need. We also like the fact that the children have another male role model and know that men work in childcare too.

My husband and I are both working from home at the moment. I do function better when the kids are at a different setting, without having to share a space with everyone. I find myself thinking things like, ‘They’re only round the corner at the park – they’ll probably need a drink when they get in’.

But, a huge benefit of childcare in our home is that we don’t have to do drop-offs and pickups. Any local clubs that are running at the moment have very specific drop off and collection times, which increases the pressure on parents, so actually having someone who’ll come to our house at a time that suits us is great.