Childcare Grants / Grantiau Gofal Plant

Darllenwch hyn yn Gymraeg yma. 

What is a grant

Business Wales describes a grant as a sum of money given to an individual or business for a specific project or purpose, which usually covers only part of the total costs involved.  Grants may be linked to an activity, employment creation, or for a particular sector such as childcare and early years. Some grants are linked to geographic areas, such as areas in need of economic regeneration. 

Grant support

Applying for a grant can help with the sustainability of your business, help develop a certain aspect of your business or can help to replace broken or worn items. Types of grants that are available for childcare and early years settings could include:

First and foremost, you should contact your Local Authority (LA) to see what support is available. This differs for each area, but they may be able to provide support such as start-up grants, health and safety grant, small capital grants and money for resources. If you find yourself in need of funding or support due to a particular circumstance, e.g. having to close due to an outbreak of illness or an emergency such as flooding, then you should contact your LA to see if there is help available.

Business Wales  

Business Wales provides information on grants as well as guidance to support you with marketing, establishing and growing your business. You can contact them by calling 03000 6 03000 for individual advice as it will depend on your circumstances.  They also provide a Finance Locator – you can use it to search for funding, save selected details and create alerts on finance and support for your business.  

Top tips for grant applications

  • Read through the guidance​ and eligibility criteria
  • Give your application a professional look
  • ‘Need not greed’​  
  • Seek guidance or support
  • Demonstrate the benefits for the children and your business
  • Sell your setting
  • Having an idea of costs
  • Use photographs or images
  • Proofread 
  • Submit your grant application before the deadline

Filling in a grant application

It is really important that grant applications are completed correctly. Missing or incorrect information could result in the application process being delayed or your application being dismissed. Ensure that you complete all sections and use the guidance to support you in doing this. If you have any questions or concerns, ensure you seek support from your Local Authority, PACEY Cymru and Business Wales. You could also consider contacting any settings you know that have successfully applied for the grant and could offer support and advice.

Make sure you read through the application before submitting and that all the information is correct and up to date. Everything that the guidance asks for must be included, including supporting documents and evidence.

To give your application a professional look, consider producing a typed application that may be submitted electronically and include an accompanying letter dated with contact details, explaining briefly how you came to your decision and your choice of materials/resources.

Before you submit your application, it is important to proofread it. You could even ask a colleague, friend or relative to proofread it for you (just be mindful of breaching confidentiality).

You need to ensure that you submit your application in plenty of time and before the closing date. If you are posting an application, consider using a tracking service so you know it has arrived in time. If submitting electronically, ask for a read receipt or email confirmation that your application has been received. Remember, some grants may be allocated on a first come first served basis so ensure to submit your application in plenty of time.

What will support my application?

It's important to carefully consider what you are applying for. You will need to demonstrate that it meets the grant criteria and aims, for example how it is beneficial to the children in your setting or how it will ensure the future sustainability of your business. Ensure that what you are requesting can be justified as a need for your setting and isn’t just simply something you would like or have seen in another setting.

When talking about your setting and your plans, make sure that you sell your setting. Describe your setting, what your aims are, and how long you have been running. It is important to include information on how many children use your setting and what ages they are. If you have had feedback from children or their parents/carers suggesting changes, then include this information too.

It is also a good idea to use photos and images to support your application. This can give the Grant Panel a real insight into your setting and the plans you have for future changes you hope to implement.

Whether you are applying for resources, equipment or improvements to outdoor areas, always ensure that you provide accurate costings. Having an idea of costs and how much you will need is really important. Do some research beforehand and spend time visiting or contacting suppliers to establish costs and ask questions.

Guidance is also available in Cwlwm's top tips for successful funding applications.

Childcare and Early Years Capital Grant Funding Guidance 

Childcare settings registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) may be eligible to apply for a Childcare and Early Years Capital Small Grant. This includes childminders, private and voluntary sector providers, and maintained settings offering day care, wrap around care, holiday play schemes, out of school childcare clubs, etc. Applications can also be considered from childcare providers who are in the process of applying for registration where the Local Authority is satisfied that the provider is genuinely in the process of making an application to CIW.

This grant is to support the development and sustainability of childcare and early years settings. It could cover improving outdoor facilities, equipment and resources including IT equipment, bespoke equipment or furniture to accommodate a child with additional learning needs, or adaptations and equipment to ensure the service can operate in a covid secure manner. It does not cover staff costs, clothing, utility bills, running costs or insurance costs.

You will need to contact your Local Authority to request an application form and receive details on how to apply.  

Sustainability grants

Sustainability grant funding can provide short-term financial support for settings that are struggling to meet their running costs to help them become sustainable. They often require a business plan that demonstrates the steps that are being taken to address financial difficulties so that they will in the future be able to meet their running costs. Some local authorities offer sustainability grants from the Childcare and Play element of the Children and Communities Grant that they receive from Welsh Government to address gaps in their Childcare Sufficiency Assessment and/or Play Sufficiency Assessment.  

Start-up grants

Start-up grant funding can support with the cost of starting up a new setting, this might include the cost of training, equipment and resources, or towards early running costs to help the new setting establish. Some local authorities offer start-up grant funding for new childcare settings including childminders. PACEY offer a Quality Start package for new childminders which some local authorities fund with their start-up grant. It is important to find out what is available and the application process before you begin to incur these costs.

Grants to expand your business

Grant funding can support with the cost of expanding a business, depending on the type of setting and source of grant this might include the cost of building works, equipment and resources, or towards additional running costs such as wages for a short while until income grows enough to cover this. If you are looking to expand your business, it is important to find out what grants are available and the application process and terms and conditions before you begin to incur these costs.

Beth yw Grant?

Mae Busnes Cymru yn disgrifio grant fel swm o arian a roddir i unigolyn neu fusnes ar gyfer prosiect neu ddiben penodol, sydd fel arfer ond yn cwmpasu rhan o’r gost lawn.  Gall grantiau fod yn gysylltiedig â gweithgaredd, creu cyflogaeth, neu ar gyfer sector penodol megis gofal plant a’r blynyddoedd cynnar. Mae rhai grantiau’n gysylltiedig ag ardaloedd daearyddol, megis ardaloedd sydd angen adnewyddiad economaidd. 

Cefnogaeth grantiau

Gall gwneud cais am grant helpu gyda chynaliadwyedd eich busnes, helpu i ddatblygu agwedd benodol ar eich busnes, neu helpu i ailosod eitemau sydd wedi torri neu dreulio. Gallai’r mathau o grantiau sydd ar gael ar gyfer lleoliadau gofal plant a’r blynyddoedd cynnar gynnwys:

Yn gyntaf oll, dylech gysylltu â’ch Awdurdod Lleol (ALl) i weld pa gefnogaeth sydd ar gael. Mae hyn yn wahanol ar gyfer pob ardal, ond mae’n bosib y byddant yn gallu darparu cefnogaeth megis grantiau dechrau busnes, grant iechyd a diogelwch, grantiau cyfalaf bach ac arian ar gyfer adnoddau. Os byddwch yn cael eich hun mewn angen cyllid neu gefnogaeth o ganlyniad i sefyllfa benodol, e.e. Gorfod cau oherwydd brigiad o salwch neu argyfwng megis llifogydd, dylech gysylltu â’ch Awdurdod lleol i weld a oes help ar gael.

Busnes Cymru  

Mae Busnes Cymru yn darparu gwybodaeth am grantiau ynghyd â chanllawiau i’ch cefnogi gyda marchnata, sefydlu a thyfu’ch busnes. Gallwch gysylltu â nhw drwy ffonio 03000 6 03000 am gyngor unigol, gan y bydd yn dibynnu ar eich amgylchiadau.  Maen nhw hefyd yn darparu Canfyddwr Cyllid – gallwch ei ddefnyddio i chwilio am gyllid, cadw manylion penodol a chreu hysbysiadau ar gyfer cyllid a chefnogaeth i’ch busnes.  

Prif awgrymiadau ar gyfer ceisiadau grant

  • Darllenwch y canllawiau​ a’r meini prawf cymhwyster
  • Gwnewch i’ch cais edrych yn broffesiynol
  • Peidiwch â bod yn ariangar – gofynnwch am yr hyn sydd ei angen arnoch yn unig.  
  • Gofynnwch am arweiniad neu gymorth
  • Disgrifiwch y buddion i’r plant ac i’ch busnes
  • Gwerthwch y syniad o’ch lleoliad
  • Cael syniad o’r costau
  • Defnyddiwch luniau neu ddelweddau
  • Prawf ddarllen 
  • Cyflwynwch eich cais grant cyn y dyddiad cau

Cwblhau cais grant

Mae’n bwysig iawn bod ceisiadau grant yn cael eu cwblhau’n gywir. Gallai gwybodaeth sy’n anghywir neu ar goll arwain at oedi’r broses ymgeisio neu wrthod eich cais. Sicrhewch eich bod yn cwblhau pob adran a defnyddiwch y canllawiau i’ch cefnogi i wneud hynny. Os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau neu bryderon, sicrhewch eich bod yn gofyn am gymorth gan eich Awdurdod Lleol, PACEY Cymru a Busnes Cymru. Gallech hefyd ystyried cysylltu ag unrhyw leoliadau yr ydych yn ymwybodol eu bod wedi ymgeisio’n llwyddiannus am y grant ac a allai gynnig cefnogaeth a chyngor.

Sicrhewch eich bod yn darllen y cais cyn ei gyflwyno a bod yr holl wybodaeth yn gywir ac yn gyfredol. Rhaid cynnwys popeth y mae’r canllawiau yn gofyn amdano, gan gynnwys dogfennau cefnogol a thystiolaeth.

I wneud i’ch cais edrych yn broffesiynol, ystyriwch gynhyrchu cais wedi’i deipio y gellir ei gyflwyno’n electronig a chynnwys llythyr amgaeëdig wedi’i ddyddio gyda manylion cyswllt sy’n esbonio’n gyson sut wnaethoch eich penderfyniad a’ch dewis o ddeunydd/adnoddau.

Cyn i chi gyflwyno’ch cais, mae’n bwysig eich bod yn ei brawf ddarllen. Gallech hyd yn oed ofyn i gydweithiwr, ffrind neu berthynas i’w brawf ddarllen (ond byddwch yn ofalus am dorri cyfrinachedd).

Mae angen i chi sicrhau eich bod yn cyflwyno’ch cais mewn da bryd a chyn y dyddiad cau. Os byddwch yn anfon cais trwy’r post, ystyriwch ddefnyddio wasanaeth olrhain fel eich bod yn gwybod ei fod wedi cyrraedd ar amser. Os byddwch yn cyflwyno’n electronig, gofynnwch am dderbynneb darllen neu gadarnhad e-bost bod eich cais wedi cael ei dderbyn. Cofiwch, mae’n bosib bod rhai grantiau’n cael ei dyrannu ar sail y cyntaf i’r felin, felly sicrhewch eich bod yn cyflwyno’ch cais mewn da bryd.

Beth fydd yn cefnogi fy nghais?

Mae’n bwysig ystyried yn ofalus yr hyn rydych yn ymgeisio amdano. Bydd angen i chi ddangos ei fod yn bodloni meini prawf ac amcanion y grant, er enghraifft sut mae’n fuddiol i’r plant yn eich lleoliad neu sut fydd yn sicrhau cynaliadwyedd eich busnes yn y dyfodol. Sicrhewch y gallwch gyfiawnhau bod angen yr hyn rydych chi’n gofyn amdano yn eich lleoliad ac nid yw’n rhywbeth y dymunwch chi ei gael neu rydych wedi’i weld mewn lleoliad arall yn unig.

Wrth siarad am eich lleoliad a’ch cynlluniau, sicrhewch eich bod yn gwerthu’r syniad o’ch lleoliad. Disgrifiwch eich lleoliad, beth yw’ch amcanion, a pha mor hir rydych wedi bod yn rhedeg. Mae’n bwysig cynnwys gwybodaeth ar faint o blant sy’n defnyddio’ch lleoliad a’u hoedrannau. Os ydych wedi cael adborth gan blant neu eu rhieni/gofalwyr yn awgrymu newidiadau, cynhwyswch y wybodaeth hon hefyd.

Mae hefyd yn syniad da i ddefnyddio lluniau a delweddau i gefnogi’ch cais. Gall hyn roi mewnwelediad go iawn i’r Panel Grant o’ch lleoliad a’r cynlluniau sydd gennych am newidiadau yr ydych yn gobeithio eu gwneud yn y dyfodol.

P’un a ydych yn ymgeisio am adnoddau, offer neu welliannau i ardaloedd awyr agored, sicrhewch eich bod bob amser yn cynnwys costau cywir. Mae cael syniad o gostau a faint bydd angen arnoch yn bwysig iawn. Gwnewch ychydig o ymchwil ymlaen llaw a threuliwch amser yn ymweld â neu’n cysylltu â chyflenwyr i gadarnhau costau a gofyn cwestiynau.

Mae arweiniad hefyd ar gael ym Mhrif awgrymiadau Cwlwm ar gyfer ceisiadau cyllid llwyddiannus.

Canllawiau Grant Cyfalaf Gofal Plant a Blynyddoedd Cynnar 

Mae’n bosib y bydd lleoliadau gofal plant sydd wedi cofrestru ag Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (AGC) yn gymwys i wneud cais am Grant Cyfalaf Bach Gofal plant a Blynyddoedd Cynnar. Mae hyn yn cynnwys gwarchodwyr plant, darparwyr sector preifat a gwirfoddol, a lleoliadau a gynhelir sy’n cynnig gofal dydd, gofal cofleidiol, cynlluniau chwarae gwyliau, clybiau gofal plant y tu allan i’r ysgol ac ati. Gellir hefyd ystyried ceisiadau gan ddarparwyr gofal plant sydd yn y broses o ymgeisio am gofrestrai lle bo’r Awdurdod Lleol yn fodlon bod y darparwr yn wirioneddol yn y broses o wneud cais i AGC.

Mae’r grant hwn yn cefnogi datblygu a chynaliadwyedd lleoliadau gwarchod plant a blynyddoedd cynnar. Gallai gwmpasu gwella cyfleusterau awyr agored, offer ac adnoddau gan gynnwys offer TG, offer neu ddodrefn wrth fesur i ddiwallu plentyn ag anghenion dysgu ychwanegol, neu addasiadau ac offer i sicrhau y gall y gwasanaeth weithredu mewn ffordd sy’n ddiogel o ran Covid. Nid yw’n cwmpasu costau staff, dillad, biliau cyfleustodau, costau rhedeg na chostau yswiriant.

Bydd angen i chi gysylltu â’ch Awdurdod Lleol i ofyn am ffurflen gais a derbyn manylion ar sut i ymgeisio.  

Grantiau cynaliadwyedd

Gall cyllid grantiau cynaliadwyedd ddarparu cymorth ariannol byrdymor i leoliadau sy’n cael trafferth i gwrdd â’u costau rhedeg i’w helpu i ddod yn gynaliadwy. Yn aml byddant yn gofyn am gynllun busnes sy’n dangos y camau sy’n cael eu cymryd i fynd i’r afael ag anawsterau ariannol fel y byddant yn gallu cwrdd â’u costau rhedeg yn y dyfodol. Mae rhai awdurdodau lleol yn cynnig grantiau cynaliadwyedd o’r elfen Gofal Plant a Chwarae o’r Grant Plant a Chymunedau y maent yn ei dderbyn gan Lywodraeth Cymru i fynd i’r afael â bylchau yn eu Hasesiad Digonolrwydd Gofal Plant a/neu Asesiad Digonolrwydd Chwarae. 

Grantiau dechrau busnes

Gall cyllid grantiau dechrau busnes gefnogi gyda’r gost o ddechrau lleoliad newydd. Gallai hyn gynnwys cost hyfforddi, offer ac adnoddau, neu gael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer costau rhedeg cynnar i helpu i sefydlu’r lleoliad newydd. Mae rhai awdurdodau lleol yn cynnig cyllid grantiau dechrau busnes ar gyfer lleoliadau gofal plant newydd gan gynnwys gwarchodwyr plant. Mae PACEY yn cynnig pecyn Cychwyn o Ansawdd ar gyfer gwarchodwyr plant newydd y mae rhai awdurdodau lleol yn cyllido gyda’u grant dechrau busnes. Mae’n bwysig darganfod beth sydd ar gael a’r broses ymgeisio cyn i chi ddechrau mynd i gostau.

Grantiau i ehangu’ch busnes

Gall cyllid grantiau helpu gyda’r gost o ehangu busnes. Yn dibynnu ar y math o leoliad a ffynhonnell y grant, gallai hyn gynnwys y gost o waith adeiladu, offer ac adnoddau, neu fynd tuag at gostau rhedeg ychwanegol megis cyflog am amser byr nes bod yn incwm yn tyfu digon i’w dalu. Os ydych yn bwriadu ehangu’ch busnes, mae’n bwysig darganfod pa grantiau sydd ar gael a’r broses ymgeisio a’r telerau ac amodau cyn i chi ddechrau mynd i gostau.