Food efficiencies

Children grow and thrive best when they eat well. If you provide meals, snacks and drinks, you have an obligation under the EYFS to ensure that these are healthy, balanced and nutritious. 

Our friends at the Children's Food Trust have loads of free information, practical guides, menu planners and nutrition guides for childminders and other childcare professionals to download. These will help inspire your menus and, most importantly, understand what and why children need to eat well.


Isn't healthy expensive, though?

Registered childminders are eligible for free milk under the Nursery Milk scheme. The scheme, run by the Department for Health, gives each child under 5 in your care a third of a pint of fresh milk every day. Visit for more information and to sign up. 

Providing healthy, balanced nutritious food needn't cost a fortune. Whether you've decided to include the cost of providing food in your fees, or if you charge separately for meals and snacks (especially if you're offering the early years entitlement) here are some of our favourite efficiency saving ideas from childminders:

"Order food shopping online – you will often need the same food every week, and your online shopping account will let you create a ‘list’ of items regularly purchased and will deliver it to your door, saving you time and money!"

"Make meals in bulk and freeze where possible. This helps when you're planning your menus. For example, if you plan to serve cottage pie every third week, you could make two at once and freeze one batch, saving time and money."

"Take advantage of supermarket savings and offers. A membership card at discount stores such as Costco can be a good way of making savings."

"Made too much food? If you have extra vegetables, meat or potatoes, blend them all together to make wholesome, nutritious baby food – you can then use it the next day, or freeze it for future use."

"I love my freezer! To avoid waste, consider freezing items that you know you will always need, such as meat and certain vegetables. Milk and bread can also be frozen." If you have room, consider purchasing a freezer exclusively for your childminding setting's use.

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