Dewis in Wales

About Dewis

Dewis Cymru is a website that will in time be replacing the individual Family Information Services databases for childcare providers in Wales. All Local Authorities will eventually be using Dewis as their childcare database platform and the majority already are.

Why should you add your information to Dewis Cymru?

Lots of reasons. Dewis Cymru will make it easier for you to make information accessible to the public and to access a range of information about services that can help. Other good reasons to use Dewis Cymru include:

  • It's a national system funded by local authorities and their partners across Wales

  • It's free to use

  • Information is added and kept up to date by local service providers

  • It will remind you every six months to check their details, so you'll know they are up to date

  • Search for local services using words, types of service, or location

  • Maps and directions to help you direct people to local services

  • You can add information about YOUR services

  • You can access information about service coverage - helping you to identify gaps in provision and informing service development

  • Having your information on Dewis Cymru will mean that people can be directed to your service   

What to do next

To add your information, you'll need to register. Go to and sign up to create your account. Once you've done this, sign in to the site and go to manage resources and add resources to add information about your services.

Can you add information about any service?

Yes. Dewis encourage people to add information about specific services that they offer. If you want to know more about how Dewis Cymru can support your work, please contact them. Their contact details can be found below. They have already worked with many local authorities, health boards and third sector organisations across Wales, so they can help you get the most from using the site.

How to contact Dewis

You can contact Dewis by using the Contact us link on their website or by emailing them at

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