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Physical development involves developing control of muscles and physical coordination and it is the primary function in all other life skills. In a school setting, it enables children to complete simple tasks such as sitting still, holding a pencil, putting on shoes and reading – all skills essential for school.

The website aims to counter this by providing guidance and activity ideas to help the physical development of babies and young children. It's split into two key sections: ‘Core Skills’ and ‘Activities’. The first section breaks down core skills into categories – such as rolling, balancing and catching – and gives examples of the movements that would be expected to be seen emerging in babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. 

The Activities section is full of creative and fun suggestions for games parents and early years practitioners can initiate with children to develop their core skills. Ideas range balance and throwing games to exploring how Treasure Baskets – a box and simple household items - can help with hand-eye co-ordination, picking-up objects and other skills.

The website also provides a handy glossary that explains technical terms that relate to physical development.

Explore the Toddler section.