30 hours explainer videos

We've created a series of videos to provide useful summaries and tips about topics within funded hours. These videos are to help early years practitioners in England increase their understanding of what providing the funded hours might mean for their business and understand how they can communicate these changes to parents. 

The first in our series '30 hours in 30 seconds: Questions', gives childminders some key questions to think about asking parents. 


(30 hours in 30 seconds: Questions)

'30 hours in 30 seconds: Flexibility', looks at the ways that the 30 hours funding can be split over the year and between settings.

(30 hours in 30 seconds: Flexibility)

The third video in our series is around the topic of additional charges, and what you can and can't charge parents for:

(30 hours in 30 seconds: Additional Charges)

The funded hours is only available to those who are eligible. Parents must apply for a code which they will give you in order to claim the funding. 

(30 hours in 30 seconds: Eligibility)