Childcare Champions - #notababysitter

PACEY is a strong advocate for all childcare providers (for example childminders, nannies and nursery workers) aiming to highlight both the joys and challenges of working in the early years sector and push for more government support and recognition as well as busy some common myths.

Together, this information makes up #childcarechampions and #notababysitter. A movement towards the celebration of the childcare sector and combating common myths. Get involved in the conversation on our Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags. 

Why become a childcare provider?

Sometimes, it's important to take a moment to remember the reasons we do the work we do. We asked a range of childcare practitioners why they were proud to work in childcare, we had some lovely responses:

Need some great examples of amazing providers? Look no further.

Maisie Poppins is a home-based childcarer who focuses her business on the development of children, working hard to maintain a balance between the EYFS and child led play. You'll also the parents' point of view, about why they love using a home-based setting. 

(Maisie Poppins, Home-based Childcarer)

Meet Myra, a provider in Wales who changed her career to follow her passion for childcare. Here she talks about why she loves her job so much.

(Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council video)

We'd love to come and film in your setting. Are you a childminder, nanny or nursery worker?
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However, there are many misconceptions about working in the childcare and early years sector...

Do you think that childcare providers are glorified babysitters who drink tea all day, or put children in front of the television instead of creating constructive activities? You couldn't be more wrong. Do you think that the childcare sector is only for women? This isn't the case. Do you think that those who work in early years are unqualified? This is incorrect.


Our campaign #notababysitter has been created to tackle one very common myth that parents think; that all types of childcare providers are just babysitters. Download our media pack and graphics. 


This campaign aims to reach parents across the country, through local authorities, Job Centre Plus and other family facing professionals including health visitors. Did you know that we have an area on the website with resources for family facing professionls to educate them about a parent's childcare choices? Check it out here.

If you are a local authority who would like to support this campaign and are interested in a media pack and personalised printed materials, please contact us for pricing.



#Childcarechampions is a campaign that aims to celebrate all types of providers and bust some of those myths about providers.

The campaign highlights the amazing work and high-quality service that childcare providers deliver whilst busting myths and promoting key facts about their childcare services.

Using #childcarechampions we have been able to share hundreds and hundreds of your amazing images and stories across our social media and we continue to do this every day. Get involved in the conversation and share what you're doing on our Twitter or Facebook channels using the hashtag #childcarechampions and #notababysitter.

Want to know a bit more about the history of this campaign?

Although this campaign is for all providers, this campaign began from one of our most popular blogs from 2017, about childminder myths in England. In 2018, we extended it to the whole of the UK. Created with PACEY Cymru, the Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA), the Northern Ireland Childminding Association (NICMA) and Childminding Ireland we have refreshed our myths and given you the facts from around the UK and Ireland. Here are some examples of some of the myths we are tackling:

Fact: The maximum number of children that can be cared for by a childminder, including the childminders' own children and any others they are responsible for, is limited depending on the age of the children and the space available to ensure that the needs of individual children are met. This is set by the inspectorate or body who has the responsibility for this in each country.

Download this myth and share the facts using #childcarechampions.
For the welsh version of this myth, download here.​

Fact: Although the childcare and early years sector as a whole is dominated by women, with only 3% male, there are an increasing number of men who are choosing to become childminders or work in the sector. Many of these are fathers who see it as a career option that allows them a better work-life balance and the chance to be their own boss. Many families welcome the opportunity for their children to experience a diverse setting and recognise the importance of the early years in shaping children's values and challenging stereotypes. It is not uncommon to see couples working as co-childminders. 

Get more support from Men In The Early Years (MITEY).

Download this myth and share the facts using #childcarechampions.
For the welsh version of this myth, download here.
 Read all the myths and get involved with the campaign.

We also have additional support for childcare providers when it comes to funded hours...

Get involved in the conversation on our Twitter or Facebook channels using the hashtag #childcarechampions and #notababysitter.