COVID-19 paperwork

Take a look below to find everything you need in regards to paperwork during COVID-19 to protect you and the families in your setting.

We have updated relevant sample policies and procedures as well as create COVID-19 specific risk assessments, all of which can be downloaded below. You can also access our updated contract options to use with parents as well as our free community agreement.

Sample policies and procedures

You will need to review your existing policies and procedures to ensure that they adequately cover the changes in circumstances and to ensure you can operate safely. We've updated the PACEY sample policies for England for you to adapt to the specific needs of your setting. You can access all sample policies completely free if you're a PACEY member.

Policy guidance for Wales is also available free if you're a PACEY member. PACEY Cymru have produced COVID-19 additional policies and procedures guidance for Wales to support childminders in developing or renewing policies and procedures with special consideration to COVID-19. This guidance is also available in Welsh.

COVID-19 risk assessments

You should do a thorough risk assessment before you reopen your setting, and regularly review it once you're welcoming children again. Our sample risk assessment will help you consider the specific risks of the coronavirus pandemic and how you can assess and mitigate them in your setting. Risk assessments are "living documents" and need regular review. You can use this special COVID-19 version alongside your existing risk assessment. 

The risk assessments are suitable for childminders and group settings in England and Wales. 

Covid-19 symptoms and isolation scenarios (England)

Exclusive for PACEY members and with the changing government guidance from January 2022, we have outlined the possible scenarios and appropriate action to be taken (applicable to settings in England). This is to be used as a guide and is not extensive guidance.

COVID-19 outbreak management Plan tool (England)

As we learn to live with the effects of the pandemic it’s important to adapt and maintain your risk assessment and think specifically about how you will manage any outbreaks. The information below can be used as a guide and can support you to consider how you will implement any recommendations described in the contingency framework in England and create your own outbreak management plan.

Community and visitor agreement templates

This "community agreement" template can be adapted to your childminding setting and use with parents to establish a mutual understanding about how you - and they - will behave to help limit the spread of the virus. A group-setting version of this will follow.

Our "visitor agreement" template can be adapted to suit your childminding setting and used with any visitors you may have into your settings, such as a social worker. This will help to establish a mutual understanding about how you - and they - will behave to help limit the spread of the virus. 

Contract with parents

With the ongoing pandemic and the reopening of settings, now is a good time to review or create new contracts with your parents. PACEY’s contracts are tailor-made to meet your needs and include useful guidance notes to help you negotiate and agree terms with parents or guardians. 

  • Digital Childminding contracts (England and Wales)- These single-use contracts for childminders in England and Wales can be purchases individually. These contracts have been updated to cover enforced closures and pandemics. For help in completing digital contracts please see our provider FAQs, you can also view our explainer video.
  • Childminding contracts (England and Wales) - you can purchase a paper version of the PACEY registered childminding contracts which will be accompanied by an addendum. The addendum is available free of charge for PACEY members and includes wording to cover enforced closures.