A long distance relationship

PACEY are really mindful of the lengths some childcare providers go to, to support the families they work with. This is the story of how Annmarie, a childminder in Hillingdon, went above and beyond the call of duty to provide advice and guidance outside of her role.

Annemarie's story

I still remember it clearly. I received a call at 7am on a Saturday, from the Mum of one of the young children who attended my setting. Mum was in another country, and the little girl was staying with her Grandparents while she was abroad.

The child had been taken into hospital unable to breathe, and Mum was in floods of tears as, despite her best efforts, she was unable to get a flight home until the next day. Her daughter has multiple allergies and, besides from Mum, I was the only other person with an accurate knowledge of the child’s complete medical history. She asked if I would be able support the medical team by making myself available over the phone to ask any questions they might have.

It went without question that I would be able to help, but I felt there was more I could do than just wait at the end of my phone. So, I got myself ready and headed straight to the hospital where I spent my Saturday with the child. Knowing her as well as I did, I was able to soothe her and keep her calm, whilst also enabling the medical team to treat her effectively, avoiding any treatments that I knew might aggravate her condition.

The Mum has said on a number of occasions that she will never forget what I did for the family, and that I will forever be her hero.

But more special to me is that the little girl, who is now five years old, still remembers this incident, and tells me fondly about the time she was in hospital and I came to sit with her.