Childcare Offer for Wales / Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru

Darllenwch hyn yn Gymraeg yma.

What is the Childcare Offer for Wales? 

The Childcare Offer for Wales provides government funding for up to 30 hours early education and childcare for working parents in Wales, for up to 48 weeks of the year.

During school term time, the 30 hours is split into two parts: a minimum of 10 hours of early education provision, and a maximum of 20 hours of childcare from a provider registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). As well as 39 weeks of term-time funding, the Offer is also available for up to nine weeks of school holidays each year, with parents able to claim three weeks for every school term they access the Offer.

Each parent/carer, or the sole parent/carer in a single parent family of a 3 and 4-year old, must earn at least the National Minimum Wage or living Wage for 16 hours a week on average, but no more than £100,000 per year, to qualify. Parents/carers can also split their funded hours allowance across more than one provider.

There is further information for parents/carers about the Childcare Offer and eligibility on the Welsh Government website at Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds. Further information to support with promotion of the Childcare Offer for families is also available at Childcare Offer for Wales.

Delivering the Childcare Offer for Wales

In order to be eligible to deliver the Childcare Offer for Wales you must be registered as a childcare provider with a regulator, in Wales this would be with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). To find out about how to apply to deliver the Childcare Offer contact your local Family Information Services.

If you deliver the Childcare Offer, you will be paid directly by your local authority, the current rate for the offer in Wales is £5.00 per hour for childcare. Childcare providers cannot charge parents an additional hourly amount to top-up the rate under the offer, however childcare providers are able to charge parents/carers for additional elements such as food, drink, transport and off-site activities that incur a cost. There is further information available from Welsh Government at Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds: guidance for providers.

The Welsh Government announced an extra £6 million per year to increase the hourly rate for childcare providers from £4.50 to £5 per hour from April 2022. The 11% increase aims to help provide greater sustainability across the childcare sector in Wales. In addition to an increase in the hourly rate paid for childcare, the maximum amount settings can charge for food also increased from £7.50 to £9 a day, reflecting the increase in both food prices and utility and energy prices. Ministers have also committed to reviewing the rate at least every three years. There is further information available at Childcare Offer for Wales rate review.

Delivering the Childcare Offer can help to raise the profile of your service, as well as supporting families with the cost of childcare. Listen to childminders in Wales talking about the benefits of delivering the Childcare Offer for Wales:

Childcare Offer for Wales: National Digital Service

The Childcare Offer for Wales is currently being delivered across Wales by local authorities who use different systems to process parent applications and pay childcare providers for Childcare Offer hours provided. The national digital service will replace those systems so that every local authority, parent and childcare provider will use one single service.

The digital service, which will provide a consistent experience for parents and providers across Wales, is coming this Autumn 2022. It is easy to use and can be accessed ‘on the go’. This will mean that all childcare providers across Wales will use a single national service to claim payments for Childcare Offer hours delivered in any area of Wales. The process by which childcare providers claim for Offer hours through that service will be intuitive and easy to use, with payments being made within days. 

Key benefits for childcare providers include:

  • One simple, national service used by all local authorities in Wales - if you provide childcare services to parents from multiple local authorities, you will be able to use just one service going forward. Please note that Local Authorities’ systems will remain in place until the parents receiving the Childcare Offer through those systems are no longer eligible.
  • Access ‘on the go’ via laptops, tablets and mobile phones - meaning a more flexible service to suit your needs.
  • A fully bilingual service - ensuring providers can access the service in their preferred language.
  • Security of data - the digital service has been developed to the highest standard of data security.
  • Fast and regular payments directly from Welsh Government - weekly or monthly, depending on your preference.

If you are a childcare provider who currently provides Childcare Offer hours, or wishes to provide Childcare Offer hours from January 2023, you will need to register online with the new Childcare Offer for Wales national digital service in late summer/autumn 2022. Further detail on timings of when the service will open up for providers to create their accounts will be sent to childcare providers, via their local authorities and CIW.

Parents will be applying for the Childcare Offer online via the national digital service during the autumn term of 2022 ready for their child to start in January 2023.

Testing the service

The national digital service will be piloted in a few areas with a small number of providers in summer 2022. Welsh Government will be working with Gwynedd Council and Ceredigion County Council as the test authorities who will each identify a small number of providers and parents to work with for the purposes of the live test.  Users will be invited to test the functionality and content of the built elements of the service. Assuming these tests go well, live testing of the end-to-end service involving real stakeholders and data in live operating conditions is proposed, ahead of the scheduled national rollout.

If you would like to take part in testing the service, please contact the digital project team on

Transition process

Welsh Government consulted on the transition process and made the decision to allow current LA systems to continue and come to a natural close as and when the children within those systems fall out of eligibility. Therefore the transition process will be to retain Local Authorities’ current Childcare Offer systems until they come to a natural close, while starting to work with the national digital service for new parents from autumn 2022 to register for childcare to be delivered from January 2023. Although this means that childcare providers will need to continue using the current systems until around August 2023, the numbers of children accessing hours through those systems will get smaller and smaller over that period.

Preparing for the national digital service

To prepare for the launch, you will need:

  • Identify one lead person to register your service.
  • Find your Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) registration number and SIN number. These can be found in any correspondence from CIW or by logging into your CIW online account.
  • Have the registered postcode and bank details of your setting(s) to hand.
  • Take advantage of free digital skills training.

Welsh Government will be using Government Gateway to verify identification. If you don’t already have a Government Gateway account, you can create an account on GOV.UK. Alternatively, you can create an account when you register onto the new Childcare Offer service. You will also need your CIW Setting Instance Number (SIN), this can be found on your CIW online account and on any correspondence you have received from CIW.


Welsh Government have worked with Digital Communities Wales (a Welsh Government funded project) to offer some general digital skills training specifically for childcare providers. These sessions are available as pre-recorded videos and as live training sessions using Zoom.

Welsh Government will be providing a short series of free training Live Events. Find out more at Childcare Offer for Wales’ national digital service training.

There is further information for childcare providers on the Welsh Government website at Childcare Offer for Wales: National Digital Service.

Further support

We will be updating this resource and adding further links to the resource list below as more information becomes available. More specific guidance on how to use the new national digital Childcare Offer for Wales service will be made available throughout 2022, prior to rollout of the service.

We hope this resource and the links provided have been informative. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this topic, or would like additional support or guidance, then please get in touch with PACEY Cymru on 02920 351407 or email


The Welsh Government would like to hear from parents to gather their views on the Childcare Offer for Wales. If you know a family that currently/have recently received the Offer, and you think they would be willing to share their story, they want to hear from you. There is further information at Childcare Offer for Wales: nominations. Together, we can let as many people as possible know that the Childcare Offer for Wales is available to support parents with the cost of childcare.

Welsh Government resources include:

Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds

Childcare Offer for Wales

Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds: guidance for providers

Childcare Offer for Wales: National Digital Service


Free training Live events - Childcare Offer for Wales’ national digital service training

Digital Communities Wales - general digital skills training



Beth yw Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru?

Mae Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru yn rhoi arian gan y llywodraeth ar gyfer hyd at 30 awr o addysg gynnar a gofal plant i rieni sy’n gweithio yng Nghymru, am hyd at 48 wythnos o’r flwyddyn.

Yn ystod tymor yr ysgol, mae’r 30 awr yn cael ei rhannu’n ddwy ran: lleiafswm o 10 awr o ddarpariaeth addysg gynnar, ac uchafswm o 20 awr o ofal plant gan ddarparwr sydd wedi’i gofrestru gydag Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (AGC). Yn ogystal â 39 wythnos o gyllid yn ystod y tymor, mae’r Cynnig hefyd ar gael ar gyfer hyd at naw wythnos o wyliau’r ysgol bob blwyddyn, a gall rhieni hawlio tair wythnos am bob tymor ysgol maen nhw’n manteisio ar y Cynnig.

Er mwyn cymhwyso, rhaid i bob rhiant/gofalwr (neu unig riant/gofalwr mewn teulu un rhiant) gyda phlant 3 a 4 oed fod yn ennill o leiaf yr Isafswm Cyflog Cenedlaethol neu Gyflog Byw am 16 awr yr wythnos ar gyfartaleddyr, ond dim mwy na £100,000 y flwyddyn. Gall rhieni/gofalwyr hefyd rannu eu lwfans oriau a ariennir ar draws mwy nac un darparwr.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth i rieni/gofalwyr am y Cynnig Gofal Plant a chymhwyster ar wefan Llywodraeth Cymru yn Gofal plant i blant 3 a 4 oed. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth i gefnogi gyda hyrwyddo'r Cynnig Gofal Plant i deuluoedd hefyd ar gael yn Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru.

Cyflwyno Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru

Er mwyn bod yn gymwys i gyflawni Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru mae'n rhaid i chi fod wedi'ch cofrestru fel darparwr gofal plant gyda rheolydd, yng Nghymru byddai hyn gydag Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (AGC). I ddysgu sut i wneud cais i gyflawni’r Cynnig Gofal Plant, cysylltwch â'ch Gwasanaethau Gwybodaeth i Deuluoedd lleol.

Os ydych chi’n cyflenwi’r Cynnig Gofal Plant, byddwch chi’n cael eich talu’n uniongyrchol gan eich awdurdod lleol, y gyfradd gyfredol sy’n cael ei chynnig yng Nghymru yw £5.00 yr awr ar gyfer gofal plant. Ni all darparwyr gofal plant godi swm ychwanegol yr awr ar rieni i ychwanegu at y gyfradd o dan y cynnig. Serch hynny mae darparwyr gofal plant yn gallu codi tâl ar rieni/gofalwyr am elfennau ychwanegol megis bwyd, diod, trafnidiaeth a gweithgareddau oddi ar y safle sy’n golygu cost ychwanegol. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ar gael gan Lywodraeth Cymru yn Gofal plant i blant 3 a 4 oed: canllawiau i ddarparwyr.

Cyhoeddodd Llywodraeth Cymru £6 miliwn ychwanegol y flwyddyn i gynyddu’r gyfradd fesul awr ar gyfer darparwyr gofal plant, gan ei chodi o’r £4.50 yr awr bresennol i £5 yr awr o fis Ebrill 2022. Nod y cynnydd o 11% yw helpu ddarparu mwy o gynaliadwyedd ar draws y sector gofal plant yng Nghymru. Yn ogystal â chynnydd yn y gyfradd fesul awr a delir am ofal plant, mae'r uchafswm y gall lleoliadau godi am fwyd hefyd wedi cynyddu o £7.50 i £9 y diwrnod, sy’n adlewyrchu’r cynnydd ym mhrisiau bwyd a phrisiau cyfleustodau ac ynni. Mae Gweinidogion hefyd wedi ymrwymo i adolygu’r gyfradd o leiaf bob tair blynedd. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ar gael yn adolygiad o gyfraddau Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru.

Gall cyflwyno'r Cynnig Gofal Plant helpu i godi proffil eich gwasanaeth, yn ogystal â chefnogi teuluoedd gyda chost gofal plant. 

Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru: Gwasanaeth Cenedlaethol Digidol

Ar hyn o bryd, mae Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru yn cael ei ddarparu ledled Cymru gan awdurdod lleol sy'n defnyddio systemau gwahanol i brosesu ceisiadau rhieni a thalu darparwyr gofal plant am oriau'r Cynnig Gofal Plant a ddarperir. Bydd y gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol yn disodli'r systemau hynny fel bod pob awdurdod lleol, rhiant a darparwr gofal plant yn defnyddio'r un gwasanaeth. 

Bydd y gwasanaeth digidol, a fydd yn rhoi profiad cyson i rieni a darparwyr ledled Cymru, yn dechrau yn yr hydref 2022. Mae’n hawdd ei ddefnyddio a gellir cael ato ‘wrth fynd’. Mae hyn yn golygu y bydd pob darparwr gofal plant ledled Cymru yn defnyddio un gwasanaeth cenedlaethol i hawlio taliadau am oriau a ddarperir o dan y Cynnig Gofal Plant mewn unrhyw ardal yng Nghymru. Bydd yn cynnig proses hawdd ei defnyddio i ddarparwyr gofal plant hawlio oriau o dan y Cynnig, gan sicrhau bod taliadau yn eu cyrraedd o fewn ychydig ddiwrnodau.

Mae’r buddion allweddol i ddarparwyr gofal plant yn cynnwys:

  • Un gwasanaeth cenedlaethol, syml a ddefnyddir gan bob awdurdod lleol yng Nghymru – os ydych yn darparu gwasanaethau gofal plant i rieni o sawl awdurdod lleol, byddwch yn gallu defnyddio un gwasanaeth yn unig wrth symud ymlaen. Sylwch y bydd systemau awdurdodau lleol yn parhau i fod ar waith hyd nes yr adeg pan na fydd y rhieni sy’n derbyn y Cynnig Gofal Plant trwy’r systemau hynny yn gymwys mwyach.
  • Mynediad ‘wrth fynd’ trwy liniaduron, dyfeisiau llechen a ffonau symudol – sy’n golygu gwasanaeth mwy hyblyg i weddu i’ch anghenion.
  • Gwasanaeth cwbl ddwyieithog – a fydd yn sicrhau bod darparwyr yn gallu defnyddio’r gwasanaeth yn yr iaith o’u dewis.
  • Diogelwch data – mae’r gwasanaeth digidol wedi cael ei ddatblygu yn unol â’r safon diogelwch data uchaf.
  • Taliadau cyflym a rheolaidd yn uniongyrchol gan Lywodraeth Cymru – yn wythnosol neu’n fisol, yn dibynnu ar eich blaenoriaeth.

Os ydych yn ddarparwr gofal plant sy’n darparu oriau’r Cynnig Gofal Plant ar hyn o bryd, neu’n dymuno darparu oriau’r Cynnig Gofal Plant yn y dyfodol, bydd angen i chi gofrestru ar-lein gyda gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol newydd Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru yn ddiweddarach eleni. Bydd rhagor o fanylion ynglŷn â phryd y bydd y gwasanaeth ar gael i ddarparwyr greu eu cyfrifon yn cael eu hanfon at ddarparwyr gofal plant, trwy eu hawdurdodau lleol a Chynnig Gofal Plant Cymru.

Bydd rhieni’n gwneud cais am y Cynnig Gofal Plant ar-lein trwy’r gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol yn ystod tymor yr hydref 2022 yn barod i’w plentyn ddechrau ym mis Ionawr 2023.


Profi'r gwasanaeth

Bydd y gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol yn cael ei dreialu mewn rhai ardaloedd gyda nifer fach o ddarparwyr o haf 2022 (darperir rhagor o wybodaeth am hynny maes o law). Bydd Llywodraeth Cymru yn gweithio gyda Chyngor Gwynedd a Chyngor Sir Ceredigion fel yr awdurdodau prawf, a byddan nhw'n pennu nifer fach o ddarparwyr a rhieni i weithio gyda nhw at ddibenion y prawf byw. Bydd defnyddwyr yn cael eu gwahodd i brofi ymarferoldeb a chynnwys elfennau adeiledig y gwasanaeth. Os yw'r profion hyn yn mynd yn dda, cynhelir prawf byw ar y gwasanaeth, gyda rhanddeiliaid a data go iawn mewn amodau gweithredu byw, cyn cyflwyno'r gwasanaeth i rieni ar draws Cymru.

Os hoffech gael mwy o wybodaeth am y prosiect digidol neu gymryd rhan mewn profi’r gwasanaeth, cysylltwch â thîm y prosiect digidol ar

Proses drosglwyddo

Gwnaeth Llywodraeth Cymru ymgynghori ar y broses drosglwyddo a gwneud y penderfyniad i ganiatáu i systemau presennol yr ALl barhau a dod i ben yn naturiol wrth i'r plant yn y systemau hynny stopio bod yn gymwys. Felly’r broses drosglwyddo fydd cadw systemau Cynnig Gofal Plant presennol yr Awdurdodau Lleol nes iddynt ddod i ben yn naturiol wrth ddechrau gweithio gyda’r gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol i rieni newydd o hydref 2022 er mwyn gofrestru ar gyfer cael gofal plant o fis Ionawr 2023. Er y bydd angen i ddarparwyr gofal plant barhau i ddefnyddio'r systemau presennol tan tua mis Awst 2023 o ganlyniad i hyn, bydd nifer y plant sy'n cael oriau o dan y Cynnig drwy'r systemau hynny'n lleihau drwy'r cyfnod hwnnw.

Paratoi ar gyfer y gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol

I baratoi ar gyfer y lansiad, bydd angen i chi:

  • Dewiswch un unigolyn arweiniol i gofrestru’ch lleoliad.
  • Dewch o hyd i’ch rhif cofrestru Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (AGC) a’ch rhif SIN. Mae’r rhain i’w gweld ar unrhyw ohebiaeth gan AGC neu drwy fewngofnodi i’ch cyfrif AGC ar-lein.
  • Gwnewch yn siŵr fod cod post cofrestredig a manylion banc eich lleoliad(au) wrth law.
  • Manteisiwch ar hyfforddiant sgiliau digidol am ddim.

Bydd Llywodraeth Cymru yn defnyddio Porth y Llywodraeth i wirio'r broses adnabod. Os nad oes eisoes gennych gyfrif ar gyfer Porth y Llywodraeth, gallwch greu cyfrif ar GOV.UK. Fel arall, gallwch wneud hyn pan fyddwch yn cofrestru ar gyfer gwasanaeth newydd y Cynnig Gofal Plant. Byddwch hefyd angen eich Setting Instance Number (SIN). Mae hwn i'w weld ar eich cyfrif ar-lein AGC ac ar unrhyw ohebiaeth rydych chi wedi'i derbyn gan AGC.

Roedd Llywodraeth Cymru wedi gweithio gyda Chymunedau Digidol Cymru (prosiect a ariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru) i gynnig rhywfaint o hyfforddiant ar sgiliau digidol cyffredinol yn benodol ar gyfer darparwyr gofal plant. Mae'r sesiynau hynny ar gael ar ffurf fideos wedi'u recordio ymlaen llaw ac ar ffurf sesiynau hyfforddi byw gan ddefnyddio Zoom.

Bydd Llywodraeth Cymru yn darparu’r gyfres o Ddigwyddiadau Hyfforddi Byw am ddim. Ewch i hyfforddiant gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru.

Mae gwybodaeth bellach i ddarparwyr gofal plant ar wefan Llywodraeth Cymru yn Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru: Gwasanaeth Digidol Cenedlaethol.

Gwybodaeth bellach

Byddwn yn diweddaru’r adnodd hwn ac yn ychwanegu dolenni pellach i’r rhestr o adnoddau isod wrth i ragor o wybodaeth gael ei chyhoeddi. Bydd canllawiau mwy penodol ar sut i ddefnyddio gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol newydd Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru ar gael drwy gydol 2022, cyn i’r gwasanaeth gael ei gyflwyno.

Gobeithiwn y bydd yr adnodd hwn a'r cysylltiadau a ddarparwyd wedi bod yn ddefnyddiol.  Os hoffech drafod unrhyw agwedd ar y pwnc hwn, neu os hoffech gael cymorth neu arweiniad pellach, cysylltwch â PACEY Cymru drwy ffonio 02920 351407 neu e-bostiwch


Hoffai Llywodraeth Cymru ymgysylltu â rhieni i gasglu eu barn ar Gynnig Gofal Plant Cymru.  Os ydych chi’n gwybod am deulu sy’n derbyn y Cynnig ar hyn o bryd neu wedi’i dderbyn yn ddiweddar, ac yn credu y byddent yn fodlon rhannu eu stori, hoffant glywed gennych. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ar gael yn Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru: enwebiadau. Gyda’n gilydd, gallwn roi gwybod i gynifer o bobl â phosibl fod Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru ar gael i helpu rhieni gyda chost gofal plant.

Mae adnoddau Llywodraeth Cymru yn cynnwys:

Gofal plant i blant 3 a 4 oed

Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru

Gofal plant i blant 3 a 4 oed: canllawiau i ddarparwyr

Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru: Gwasanaeth Digidol Cenedlaethol


Ddigwyddiadau Hyfforddi Byw am ddim - hyfforddiant gwasanaeth digidol cenedlaethol Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru

Cymunedau Digidol Cymru - hyfforddiant ar sgiliau digidol cyffredinol