Key people

Meet PACEY's senior staff team below. You can also find out more about PACEY's President, Penny Tassoni, and the Board of Trustees.

Liz Bayram is PACEY's Chief Executive.


Susan Farnham is Acting Director of Membership and Professional Development
Victoria Flint is Director of Communications
Carol Barrett is Director of Finance and Business Support
Sue McVay is Director of Partnerships
Cathy Wredden is Director of Technology

Liz Bayram, PACEY Chief Executive

Liz Bayram joined PACEY as Director of Policy and Public Affairs in 2004, taking the role of Chief Executive in December 2005.

A policy and communications professional, Liz started her career as a journalist before moving in to senior roles at both The Royal Society and Asthma UK.

Having spent most of her working life campaigning for policy change and awareness-raising in the voluntary sector, Liz now works with staff and volunteers to support PACEY members to give children the best start in life and to ensure childcare professionals are recognised for their vital work.

PACEY works to ensure better training and CPD support for childcare professionals; funding equity across all types of setting and a play-based approach to early learning are top of the childcare agenda.

Follow Liz on Twitter - @LizBayram_PACEY