Create digital learning journeys, and transition to a paperless setting

Transform your setting with Kinderly Together, the PACEY recommended digital learning journey and accounting software, supporting you to run an outstanding childcare setting.

As part of PACEY's Practitioner Plus membership, you will have full access to Kinderly Together, giving you unlimited digital contracts; a free online accounting and invoicing package; and ways to track and celebrate every child's achievements and share them with parents. Whether you're new to online tools or want to move from somewhere else, the 5-star customer service team can help.

Kinderly Together helps you to be Ofsted or CIW ready, cuts out unnecessary paperwork, making you more efficient, saving you money and giving you back your time.

Plus it includes free and unlimited PACEY digital childminding and nanny contracts as well as accident and medication forms for you to sign, share and store as part of Kinderly Together's added value package.

All contracts cover hours, fees, holidays and retainers and have been updated for 2020 to include enforced closures and pandemics.

Live in England?

As a PACEY member, you can also access the latest policies as part of the exclusive PACEY members bonus features, including:

  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Safety
  • Illness and Infectious Diseases
  • Childminder Risk Assessment 

Live in Wales?

As a PACEY member you can also access the latest policy guidance as part of the exclusive PACEY members bonus features.

Liz Bayram, PACEY's Chief Executive, said “Excessive paperwork is one of the biggest bugbears for childcare professionals, so we are delighted to partner with Kinderly on a unique product.”

Kinderly’s intuitive web and mobile app enables you to quickly and securely capture EYFS/Foundation Phase observations, daily diaries and wow moments, even when you’re out and about with the children.

The web dashboard enables you to easily manage your setting with at-a-glance information: reports, development tables and cohort analyses, supporting you to be more organised and Ofsted or CIW ready. For example:

The EYFS Summary Table *

* please note this section applies to England but Wales relevant trackers can also be found on Kinderley.

The Cohort Tracker* Track children's progress over time according to their development in the EYFS. View cohorts grouped by SEND, EYPP, gender and more.

Weekly EYFS based activities to inspire you and share with parents*. Every week Kinderly's early years experts put together age appropriate activities for you to share directly with parents, at the click of a button, or use in your setting.

"Giving us these activity ideas each week is fab... so helpful!" -
Cheri Williams, Childminder

Kinderly’s parent portal, emails and notifications enable parents to keep up-to-date with their child’s daily activities and development, in real time. Activities can be suggested, personalised to each child’s learning journey, and parents can comment back enhancing the parent partnership and improving parent engagement.

Now includes 'Postcards from Home' so parents can share observations from home with the childcare setting - further joining up their learning journey.


Exclusive invoicing and accounting package. Included in the price is a fully integrated accounting and invoicing package, helping you to stay on top of your income and expenses. And unlike other accounting software, this was specifically created in collaboration with PACEY for childcare settings, incorporating unique features specific to the sector.

Using Kinderly helps you create a more complete and personalised learning journey for each child. Whilst capturing evidence is simplified, it’s not a tickbox exercise. Kinderly will help you to demonstrate a real understanding of the learning and development for each child, enabled by the built-in functionality including:

  • personalised next steps
  • Leuven scales
  • schemas
  • characteristics of effective learning.

Making the move from paper. Transitioning to Kinderly Together from paper-based systems or another provider is made seamless by Kinderly’s highly-rated and responsive support team, helping you every step of the way with a choice of live chat, email, phone and free 1-to-1 tutorials.

PACEY member Jane Comeau, talks about using Kinderly in her childminding setting. 

I have moved away from folders and find I am saving both time and money by recording everything online.

Kinderly Together would usually cost £15 per month for up to 30 children, but you can save up to £60 a year, when you buy it as part of the PACEY Practitioner Plus membership package. And that doesn't include all the additional benefits Practitioner Plus members receive.   

Why not try before you buy - simply go to kinderly.co.uk/pacey and register with Kinderly. Your Kinderly membership is free (including loads of support) for the first 30 days so you can really try it out before signing up. There's no better time to go digital!

Karen McDermott, childminder says:

I used to be so overwhelmed with all the paperwork that I seriously considered giving up being a childminder. But since using Kinderly Together, I feel in control, have more time with the children, can share more with the parents and I've saved loads on my stationary bills!

Why not try Kinderly Learn too? It's an exciting online learning platform - where everything is bite-sized (no more than a few minutes) in a variety of formats including; animations, quizzes, videos, factsheets and interactive activities. Subscribers can take part in expert monthly webinars or use the forum to 'ask an expert' when they need trusted advice or support.

Just go to www.kinderly.co.uk/learn to start your free 14 day trial.

Just to reiterate that Kinderly is a must must must!! Revolutionised my setting!!