Advice and support when you need it

This is your business and like any other business you need to make sure you are taking the correct advice and being supported by those who care. With PACEY memberships, all the support and advice you could need is there. All included

Legal, Tax & HR advice line 

Legal advice is available 24/7, and tax advice is available between 9am and 5pm on weekdays (except bank holidays). The advice covers professional and business-related legal matters within EU law and tax matters within the UK. Your query will be dealt with by a qualified specialist from ARAG experienced in handling legal and tax-related matters. 

24/7 Counselling helpline 

Provided by ARAG and included with Practitioner memberships, their counsellors will provide free confidential support and advice by phone to you, your employees or their family members who are suffering from emotional upset or feeling worried and anxious about a personal or work-related problem. 

Out of hours PACEY Advisor service 

PACEY advisors Pat Tomlinson and Zara Smith both have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the childcare and early years sector; offering 1-2-1 support, advice and guidance if you are in need of reassurance, inspiration or just want to chat through an issue in your setting. 

‘I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience I had with regards to your advisor phone support service. Pat's phone call was a godsend, she very patiently explained the changes, giving examples with her answers to my questions. She was the light at the end of my tunnel’

- Nicola, PACEY member 

Meet your PACEY Advisors

Membership support line 

Natalie and her team are there to assist you with any member related queries from renewing memberships to guiding you round your MyPACEY portal to helping with insurance policy queries.  (0300 003 0005 10am-3.30pm Mon- Fri) 

Crisis communication advice line

Need advice on how to deal with comments on your social media pages or putting out a statement? Our expert advice line will help you manage communication effectively in times of crisis.