Payment by Instalments FAQs

What is PACEY's payment plan?

Memberships from PACEY can be bought using a payment plan that allows our members to split the full cost of membership over four interest-free payments. It does not allow youu to pay on a rolling month basis or pro- rata.

These instalments will be paid monthly during the first four months of your membership and must be paid in full for your membership to be valid. 

The monthly amount depends on what type of membership you have chosen, the payment schedule will look like this:

Who is eligible for payments by instalments?

  • New members wanting to pay via direct debit
  • Renewing members wanting to change from an annual direct debit payment
  • Renewing members wanting to change from a one of credit card payment

Why are we offering payment by instalments?

Spreading the cost of PACEY membership makes it easier for everyone to access the help, support, advice and guidance that PACEY does so well.

PACEY's payment plans give members the option to help manage their finances and pay for membership in interest-free instalments over four months.

What are the benefits of payment by instalments?

  • It offers members the chance to spread the cost
  • Helps cash flow with an affordable payment plan
  • Means no big lump sum when you first join or renew
  • It’s interest free
  • You don’t have to remember to call us to renew

What happens if I miss an instalment?

We never re-present the payment to the bank. We will call you to check whether a missed payment has been an oversight and ask for the payment at that point. This is a payment plan only and failure to pay all four instalments will result in a cancellation fee or the right to send your details onto a third party debt collection agency. As with any instalment plan via direct debit terms and conditions apply.

Will there be any additional charges or changes to membership?

There are no additional charges for paying by instalments and you will be able to spread your costs whilst still having full access to all the benefits PACEY offers for a full year. 

What if I am joining/renewing but don’t want to pay by instalments?

If you’re eligible to pay by direct debit instalments but don’t want to take part, there is no obligation to do so via the payments by instalments plan. You can still pay by setting up an annual direct debit payment or paying by debit or credit card, online or over the phone.