Insurance FAQs

My setting

Can two or more nannies work together from the same address?

Yes, but to be covered by PACEY’S public liability insurance they will both need to take out a policy in their own name.

Does cover continue to apply if a nanny's/childminder's own children are on the premises?

In this situation, the policy continues to cover the cared for children, but not the nanny's/childminder’s own children.

My setting has recently changed from Childminder to Childcare on Domestic Premises. Does my current PLI cover me?

As long as Ofsted agree to the numbers, this is acceptable. PACEY must be notified of any change to ensure you are supplied with the right insurance cover for your setting. Please discuss this with an advisor by calling PACEY helpline on 0300 003 0005.

Can I provide occasional crèche facilities?

We can provide indemnity to the registered childminder whilst operating away from their own business premises (home) and with children who are not under their normal charge, subject to completion of the Babysitting checklist, risk assessment and adherence to the guidance that goes with this, as this is only occasional,. The existing PLI will not cover a crèche if it were to expand into taking on employees etc. as we would need to be involved in insisting that the crèche carry out regular DBS checks & would be a separate entity. Group settings insurance quotes are available by calling 01793 714 412 or filling in the form at

Are children aged 7 to 15 years old covered by the insurance for outside recreational actitivites or walking to and from school unaccompanied?

No, if the childminder/nanny is not present then the policy would not cover this.


Outdoor activities

If the children I care for (aged 0 to 7 years) are invited out, for example, to a birthday party, should I stay with them?

Yes. The insurance cover will not apply if the nanny/childminder is not present, except in a genuine emergency.

The children I care for go to a club that uses bouncy castles and soft play equipment. Are they covered on these?

Yes, provided the nanny/childminder is the person responsible for the children; the children are supervised at all times; risk assessments are completed; and the childminder has obtained written permission slips from the parents to allow the children to use the equipment.

Can you tell me if I'm insured to use a fire in a fire pit with the minded children to do things like toasting marshmallows?

This is acceptable, provided risk assessments are done. When risk assessing, consider the number of children using the fire pit at any one time; ensure adequancy of supervision; ensure that there is a bucket of cold water close by, with a first aider and first aid kit present.

Would the policy cover the use of a paddling pool or a Lay Z Spa hot tub?

The member would need to undertake a full risk assessment and obtain parental consent. The children must not be left unattended at any time and the item must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. The insurer has also stated that for the Lay Z Spa, the adult must also be in the Spa with the children and the adult:child ration must be adhered to.

Am I covered if minded children use a trampoline in my garden?

You have a duty of care for the minded children ensuring safe environment etc. therefore the following guidelines must be followed to assist in minimising the risk of accident/injury:

  • Risk assessments must be carried out
  • Only one person allowed on the trampoline at one time
  • Children are fully supervised
  • Exposed metalwork should be padded
  • No somersaults or complex manoeuvres
  • Padding on the ground or extra circumferential netting added
  • Not to be sited close to fences, trees or hard surfacces e.g. patios
  • Parents must give written permission for children to use this equipment
  • Not to be used by children under age 6. PLI insurance will cover children under 6 if their parents has given specific written permission that, even though their child is under the manufacturer-recommended age, they may use the equipment.

Am I covered if minded children use a bouncy castle in my garden?

In this situation, the policy continues to cover the cared for children, but not the nanny's/childminder’s own children.

The following terms and conditions must be compiled with and parents must provide written permisiion for children to use this.

The inflatable is:

  • To be erected by the hirer (owner)
  • To be securely anchored at all times to the floor by using achor stakes where the ground is suitable or if the surface isn't suitable, by other means e.g. to  motor vehicle
  • Further protected at all open sides/entrances/exits where the surface is hard by non-inflatable gym mats or equivalent soft loading material 3cm to 12cm thickness
  • Not to be used in high winds i.e. in excess of the maximum safe wind speed for the inflatable as specified by the designer/manufacturer
  • To be supervised at all times with minimum two adults per 15 users

The users of the inflatable are:-

  • To remove footwear, spectacles and haardous or sharp objects
  • Not to bounce on the apron of the inflatable
  • Not to hang on the outsdie walls of the inflatable
  • Not to be taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated bouncing surface
  • To be limited to the maximum number of children in line with the hirer's guidelines

Are Forest school activities covered under my policy?

Yes, provided the cover is for your usual chilminder children and you are present with them. It is essential that risk assessments are carried out by the nanny/childminder and parental consent should be obtained for any trips/activities you take the children on.

Can I use items like tyres and drain pipes as play equipment?

We can provide cover for any items that have been used for another purpose first provided that the insured knows the source of the item and has risk assessed it, particularly paying attention to the age of the child using it. The items must be safe to be played and in excellent condition, for example, no rough or dangerous edges.

Am I covered for tree climbing activities in my setting?

The insurers are happy to include the activity of tree climbing within the PLI scheme cover. This is on understanding that the following is in place in each case:

  • Full risk assessments are carried out at each seperate location where minded children are allowed to climb
  • Written parental permission is obtained
  • The childminder is present at all times
  • Children are prevented from climbing trees where they care not capable of doing so or where the tree is known to be unsafe



Would a child be covered by nanny's/childminder's PACEY PLI for going out in the car with the nanny/childminder and/or their friends and family?

In the majority of incidents, injury sustained by a driver or passenger while travelling in a vehicle will be the subject of indemnity under the policy holder's motor insurance policy. This may involve a claim against a negligent third party if they were responsible for the accident. The nanny/childminder should have made their motor insurer aware of their business. Therefore, they would expect nanny/childminder to drive with minded children in the car and will have considered this when calculating the policy premium.


Injury and safety

If harm were caused to a child when the childminder/nanny used physical punishment to discipline the child, would there be cover?

No. Physical punishment is a deliberate act, not an accidental one. Using physcial punishment would also be a breach pf PACEY's Standards of Quality Care and a breach of registration regulations in England and Wales.

If I clear the snow on my path/drive and a parent falls and is injured, am I covered?

The childminder/nanny has a duty of care for the minded children ensuring a safe environment etc. Clearing snow will assist in minimising the risk of accident/injury. Negligence would have to be proven for a claim to be upheld.

If a parent cannot get to my setting and I collect/take the minded child from/to their own home, am I covered if this child is injured?

Yes, you would be covered subject to written consent from the parents.


If I let the children play in the garden whilst snow is on the ground and they are injured, am I covered?

The childminder/nanny has a duty of care for the minded children ensuring safe environment. Negligence would have to be proven for a claim to be upheld.

Would I be covered if a child has an accident on their own scooter whilst in my care?

This would be acceptable that the child is using their own scooter. The childminder/nanny would need to carry out their own usual risk assessments for the journey home when the child in their care uses the scooter. This would include keeping the child close, supervising crossing roads, and considering other children in their care being minded at the same time.

What should I do if an accident or incident occurs at my setting?

You need to download and complete the accident form from MyPACEY and return it to PACEY ASAP. If you need any help please call the PACEY helpline on 0300 003 0005.

Please attach copies of any risk assessments, photos of the scene of an accident/injuries and obtain witness statements if appropriate. Send this along with your claim form and a copy of your PLI Certificate.



Am I covered if I mind a child with additional and complex needs?

Yes. PACEY can provide this cover by letter of confirmation for young people up to 25 years of age.



Am I covered if I mind a child has an allergic reaction?

Yes, as long as registration regulations in England/Wales are followed. Before admitting a child to the setting the provider must obtain information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child has, and any special health requirements. Providers must record and act on information from parents and carers about a child's dietary needs. Any provider preparing food must follow food hygiene regulations.

I have a child with an allergy. Am I covered to use an epinephrine autoinjector (Epi-Pen)?

The nanny/childminder must:-

Have written permission from the child's parents that they are authorised to administer the epinephrine autojector (Epi-Pen) and be aware of the correct dosage. The childminder should have on record the child's doctor's name, address and telephone number. Full training must have been received in usage of the autoinjector and any relevant refresher training undertaken as required. Any usage of the autoinjector must be recorded in full by the nanny/childminder, listing why and when the autoinjector was discharged. Parents must be informed as soon as the autoinjector has been used, or as reasonably practicable on the same day.

Am I covered to administer medication to a minded child in my care?

The nanny/childminder must follow Ofsted guidance provided in the statutory framework which says "Providers must have and implement a policy, and procedures, for administering medicines. It must include systems for obtaining information about a child's needs for medicines, and for keeping information up-to-date. Training must be provided for staff where the administration of medicine requires medical or technical knowledge. Medicines must not normally be administered unless they have been prescribed for a child by a doctor, dentist, nurse opr pharmacist (medicines containing aspirin should only be given if prescribed by a doctor).

"Medicine (both prescription and non-prescription) must only be administered to a child where written permission for that particular medicine had been obtained from the child's parent and/or carer. Providers must keep a written record each time medicine is administered to a child, and inform the child's parents and/or careres on the same day, or as soon as reasonably practicable."

Can I give minded children homeopathic remedies e.g. Teetha for infants who are teething?

Your insurance will cover this, as long as written parental permission has been obtained.


General insurance questions

What does third-party cover mean?

The PACEY policy covers nannies/childminders for situations where they are legally liable for any accidental injury to a third-party or damage to property of a third-party within their nannying/childminding activities.

In order for a claim to be upheld, the nanny/childminder must be shown to be at fault and therefore liable for the damage.

My husband has a firearm, am I covered under my PLI?

If a firearm licence is granted, there should be adherence to what the authorities say about storage. The key must not be anywhere near the children and there should never be a situation where the gun is out for cleaning or similar when the minded children are on the premises. A risk assessment is essential and subject to Ofsted approval RSA will follow their stance.


Please can you advise if I am covered under PLI for a sibling to collect a child from my setting if written agreement has been given by the parents?

PACEY PLI indemnifies the childminder against legal liability for damages in respect of accidental injury of any person arising out of business due to negligence. The childminder has a duty of care to the minded child and must take all reasonable precautions to ensure this is their setting and operating within laid down guidelines of their regulatory body.

This specific query is more to do with the parents taking safe precautions and obviously they feel comfortable with their own arrangement. So provided you have parental written permission for the older sibling to collect the younger child this wouldn't be an issue.

Can I purchase just public liability insurance?

We are a membership organisation and cannot sell PLI on its own. We have negotiated a preferential rate for insurance for our members. Therefore you must have PACEY membership in order to buy public liability insurance.

How do I go about getting insurance for being a nanny/childminder?

Insurance can be purchased alongside PACEY membership, provided the nanny/childminder is registered with Ofsted; and Ofsted-registered childminding agency; or CIW (in Wales) and can provide PACEY with their unique reference number.

How long does it take for the paperwork to arrive?

Membership and insurance paperwork will take 14-21 working days to arrive. Members can print a copy of their membership and insurance paperwork from MyPACEY.

What happens to my PLI policy if I move house, my employers move house and I go with them; or I change jobs and will be working in a different house?

The PACEY policy remains in place, provided you have informed PACEY of your change of circumstances.

How long should accident record be kept for insurance purposes?

25 years.


I have a student, volunteer, or person doing work experience assisting me with childminding. What insurance do I need?

You need an Employer's Liability Insurance certificate. You will need to call the helpline at PACEY on 0300 003 0005, to activate Employer's Liability Insurance. It is free to activiate.

My husband and I are both registered childminder. Do we need insurance and membership?

If you are a registered childminder with Ofsted/CIW you do need your own separate public liability insurance. However, as long as one of you has a full membership to PACEY then the other family member can have a family membership which is at a discount.

If I take out membership first and then decide to take out PLI at a later date, is this acceptable?

Yes, insurance can be taken out at a later date but will expire at the same time as the membership already in place.

The parents of my childminded child don't want to sign a contract. Am I still covered on my insurance?

It may affect your insurance cover as no agreements will be in place with regards to medical conditions, allergies and emergency contacts etc. It can leave you as a childminder vulnerable.

Can I use real tools (hammers, saws, screwdrivers etc.) with the children in my setting?

Risk assessments must be conducted, and the tools used must be recommended for children's use. Use of tools designed for adults, or with a recommended age limit above that of the child in your care must not be used and would not be covered.

I want to employ my 13 year old daughter for admin and cleaning. Would she be covered under my existing insurance or would she need alternative cover?

Employer's Liability cover can be added to the existing public liability cover, if needed. If the childminder is trading as a sole trader then the childminder would be exempt under the Employer's Liability regulations as this would be deemed a family business. However, this exemption would not apply if the business was incorporated, for example as a limited company. The fact that the daughter does not work with children does not remove the requirements for childminder to have Employer's Liability cover in place, but note comments above.

I'm a few months late renewing my membership. Can I renew now?

If your renewal period has expired you will need to rejoin. For a re-joining member, your membership date will be changed to the day that you rejoin. 

I've moved address. Can I have a new insurance certificate?

You can update your details in MyPACEY. Once you've updated these details you will be able to download an updated certificate.

If you require a replacement certificate to be posted to you, please contact us to check your details are up to date and request the replacement. Please note that there will be a charge of £5.00. 

Where can I get the forms for policies and procedures?

Members can download the templates and guidance for sample policies and procedures from MyPACEY. These are a member benefit and only available to PACEY members. You can join PACEY here.

My credit card was declined. Can I redo my order?

We can retry the order with the same credit/debit card details or we can process the order with an alternative card. Please call us on 0300 003 0005.

I have lost my insurance certificate. Can I have a new one?

You can download copies of your insurance and membership certificates from MyPACEY at any time. 

If you require a replacement printed certificate to be posted to you, please contact to request it. Please note that there will be a charge of £5.00 to do this.

Can I purchase short term insurance? For example to cover a few weeks or months.

No, PACEY is only able to offer annual insurance cover and we do not offer any shorter term Public Liability insurance policies.

As stated in our T&C’s“The insurer Royal Sun Alliance full policy wording states insurance cover is subject to the full annual premium to have been paid prior to dealing with any claim. You will be covered for a pro rata period to reflect the amount of premium you have paid. However in order to make a claim on the policy for the pro rata period you will be required to pay the full balance of the annual insurance premium and membership fee before a claim can be dealt with. Regardless of whether you wish to make a claim if you are outside of your cooling off period and have not made the full payment PACEY will seek to recover the balance owed.”


Refund and cancellation

I am going on maternity leave. What can I do about my membership/insurance?

The regulations in England and Wales require insurance to be in place at all times. We are unable to suspend membership and insurance.

I am leaving childminding. Can I get a refund?

We can only provide a refund if you notify us that you wish to cancel during the 14 day cooling-off period. No refund is available outside the 14 day cooling off period.

I've received my order but changed my mind, what can I do?

We allow 14 working days in which a member can return goods. Once the goods are received back we will process the refund.