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Early Years Outcomes

Early Years Outcomes

Early Years Outcomes, is a new, non-statutory guide to support practitioners. It can be used by childminders, nurseries and others, such as Ofsted inspectors, throughout the early years as a guide to making best-fit judgements about whether a child is showing typical development for their age, may be at risk of delay, or is ahead for their age.

Ofsted inspectors will now be referring to this new document during inspections.

Development Matters is also non-statutory guidance and supports practitioners in implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage. It is a resource for early years practitioners which is intended to help them to understand and support each individual child’s development pathway.

We advise that you use Early Years Outcomes as an additional resource and we've produced a document that shows you the changes to the development statements.

This document is available for PACEY members only. Download Changes to Development Statements now.

Download the Early Years Outcomes document here.