2016 News

Delays in DBS checks

Have you experienced delays in getting a DBS check done? 


Children's oral health crisis

Children's oral health is in the news again with recent figures suggesting that over 100 operations to remove multiple rotten teeth from children and teenagers are carried out in hospital every day.


Better without Baseline Coalition Open Letter calls for review of early assessment

Coalition of teaching unions and leading early years organisations has issued an open letter calling for a review of assessment and accountability policymaking for the early years


Join PACEY and share your views at an early years forum

PACEY members can access an exclusive discount for a forthcoming Policy UK Forum on early years education and success in later life.


Baseline assessments abandoned

The government has announced a u-turn on baseline assessments, stating that baseline testing will no longer be used to measure pupil progress in primary education.


Inquiry on free early education and childcare entitlement

PACEY has submitted written evidence to the Public Accounts Committee inquiry on free early education and childcare entitlement. 


Publication of 30 hours free childcare consultation

The government has published an open consultation on the 30-hours free childcare entitlement and is seeking views on how the 30 hours will work in practice


Cutting red tape review and capital funding announcement

A further two announcement's from the Government see the launch of the cutting red tape review and capital funding applications


National Living Wage – are you ready?

As of 1st April 2016, the new National Living Wage comes into effect - is your childcare setting prepared?


Save The Children highlight the importance of the early years

New reports points to the early years of a child’s life being a crucial period for their development.