February 2017

Calling all childminders in England: take our fees survey

How much do you charge? With the prospect of new funding rates and more funded hours on the horizon, we want to know whether the LA fees will match the fees you already charge. If you are a childminder in England, please take two minutes to complete our annual fees survey.


A love letter to my childminder

BLOG: It’s Valentine’s Day, that day in the year when we are encouraged to declare our love for those who hold a special place in our hearts.

Here, mum-of-one, Sam, takes a moment to thank her childminder, Laura, and to remind her how special she is to Sam’s family.


PACEY Cymru publishes report on Childminder De-registrations in Wales

PACEY Cymru has published a report on a piece of work carried out looking at reasons for childminder de-registrations in Wales and associated recommendations to take forward.  The need for this piece of work was identified following an increase in those leaving childminding in Wales in the last year. 


Concerns over 30 hours

The Family and Childcare Trust (FCT) released research today, raising concerns about how 30 hours will impact the quality of childcare. 


Was The Wright Stuff right?

Another day, and another media debate on 30 hours. This time it was Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff programme which kicked off a discussion with an unconventional question for anyone working in early years. Simply - would we be better off without any ‘free’ childcare hours?



Most parents plan to take up 30 hours free childcare

The Department for Education (DfE) has published new research on parents’ views and demand for 30 hours free childcare. As in past surveys, a large majority of parents said that they would take up the additional 15 hours of free childcare if it was available to them.


What do childminders think about funded early education?

The Department for Education (DfE) has published the results of research it commissioned on childminders’ views on funded early education in England. Social research consultancy ASK Research carried out in-depth telephone interviews with 40 childminders based in nine local authorities, to find out what childminders think about funded early education, and what can be done to incentivise them to deliver funded places in the future.


Meeting SEND needs in the early years

The government recently published a report on the experiences of children aged three to four with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) attending group early years settings. Read the full report and our summary of the findings.