2018 News

National evaluation on 30 hours in England released

After 30 hours was introduced in September 2017, Department for Education have released an independent evaluation of the first year of the national rollout.


Early education and outcomes to age 4

As part of the longitudinal study of early education and development (SEED), the Department for Education have released research into the impact of early education at ages 2-4 on child outcomes at age 4, and the importance of the early years home environment. 


Early Years and Childcare Managers Forum

Do you want to be part of Social Care Wales' first ever 'Early years and childcare managers forum'? Social Care Wales will be holding its first early years and childcare manager forum in November.


CIW and Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) 2018

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have announced that childcare and play providers are not required to complete a Self Assessment of Service (SASS) for 2018-19. Providers do however need to ensure their Quality of Care Review is up to date.


New research into the take-up of early education entitlements

Department for Education have released a report explaining the findings of research into the 'Take-up of free early education entitlements (FEEE)'. The research, undertaken by NatCen Social Research and ASK Research in 2018, includes evidence assessment, analysis and interviews. 


Childcare Expo Midlands - book your free ticket

Childcare Expo Midlands gives you the opportunity to meet and network with hundreds of other childcare professionals. You'll benefit from new ideas, find resources for your setting and can get involved in interactive workshops. 


Business Wales Childcare Grant

Business Wales are offering childcare providers in Wales, including childminders, the opportunity to apply for a Childcare Grant. The purpose of the grant is to encourage the creation of new childcare places and new places for children with additional or special needs in Wales to support the Welsh Government’s 30 Hour Childcare Offer.


Food and Nutrition for Childcare Settings engagement

Guidance on ‘Food and nutrition for childcare settings’ is currently being developed by Welsh Government and in collaboration PACEY Cymru are holding webinars to ensure childminders in Wales have an opportunity to share their views on this.


Latest statistics on 30 hours released

The Department for Education (DfE) has released the latest statistics on the number of 30 hours childcare codes issued and validated for the autumn term 2018 up to 6 August


What does high-quality early years provision look like?

Two newly published reports examine the key features of quality in early years childcare provision, with the aim of understanding which have the greatest potential to maximise child outcomes.