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BLOG: Tiny magnets, huge risks – help spread the word on the dangers of super strong magnets

This week we spoke to the team at Child Accident Prevention Trust about the dangers that super strong magnets may pose to the children in your setting.


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BLOG: Support and inspiration for childcare practitioners at Childcare & Education Expo

As childcare settings across the UK return, the need for face-to-face networking, advice and inspiration has never been more crucial. On 24 - 25 September, Childcare & Education Expo returns to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for it's 11th year.


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BLOG: The importance of an elevator pitch in a childcare setting

We know that talking about ourselves – blowing our own trumpets – can be a daunting idea, but having a good elevator pitch is an essential tool that can help your business thrive and attract potential parents.


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BLOG: The summer may be over but the fun never stops!

As a new school year starts, that doesnt mean that the fun has to end! 


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BLOG: Having difficult conversations with parents

Now more than ever having a strong partnership with parents is vital. Knowing them well will allow you to have difficult conversations. 


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BLOG: Childcare & Education Expo is back this September

The leading exhibition for childcare & education is returning in September 2021, to give practitioners across the early years and primary education fresh insight and inspiration, helping the industry move forward following the pandemic.


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BLOG: Promoting happy & healthy relationships between children and animals

This week we were thrilled to partner with the RSPCA who chatted to us about the importance of introducing children to any animals in your setting safely, as well as discussing how they can help support childcare and early years practitioners through their Compassionate Family program.


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BLOG: Embracing the outdoors with babies

Many practitioners are unsure how to entertain babies outside, but actually it is quite simple. Give them a chance to just be... allow them time to explore their surroundings, feel different textures and have the freedom of no walls.


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BLOG: Managing reopening anxiety

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for most of us and feelings of anxiety, worry and uncertainty can be commonplace, particularly as new restrictions are put into place or eased.

The changes on 19 July saw almost all Covid-19 restrictions removed in England and for many children who have had formative years over the pandemic this may bring new challenges as they experience a world they haven't been used to.


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BLOG: Using outdoor provision to support learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning outdoors is not only great fun for children and carers, it has also been proven to boost confidence and motivation and to help develop social skills, physical skills, knowledge and understanding. PACEY Advisor, Anne explores the importance of outdoor play and some simple ideas for you to try.


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