How play develops children’s emotional resilience

Play is the way that children learn and make sense of the world around them.  It’s through play that children develop the skills and abilities necessary to be able to navigate this complex world.  These skills are physical, cognitive, social and also, importantly, emotional.


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"There a tat!" - what can affect speech sound development

Last time we looked at how we physically make speech sounds and how children develop their ability to listen to and say these sounds. This time we're going to focus on what can affect children's speech sound development and how we can help as practitioners.


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Bringing books and stories outdoors

Books and stories don’t just have to be confined indoors – many provide a great basis for taking the fun outside!  Children love outdoor adventures and using books to support their ‘outside’ learning journey is a great way to keep the fun going.


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From blowing raspberries to kicking k - how children learn to make speech sounds

Learning how to make the sounds we use for speech requires physical co-ordination and motor planning skills. In this blog we’re going to look at how we make different speech sounds and how children learn and practice to use those sounds. 


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Play by numbers

Love it or hate it, numeracy is an essential part of our daily lives, so it is important that children are able to get a good grasp of the foundations. Check out Dr Amanda Gummer's suggestions of toys and activities you can provide to encourage development in some of the areas of numeracy, for early years and Key Stage 1. 


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Top tips for using sound play

Learn about key how to support children's spoken and written language development with sound play


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Too much, too soon?

The Government wish to introduce formal Baseline testing for children prior to their fifth birthday. Dr Pam Jarvis argues that there is no credible evidence to support such a policy, and that in fact, it may negatively impact on children and families.


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A book a day for growth and play

Why is reading with children so important? In this blog from Booktrust’s Regional Manager Kay Devine, we explore how reading together every day can be a really fun and interactive activity and can help give children a developmental advantage.


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How a floppy-hatted scarecrow, a spider and a magic box can be your top tools for early literacy

Discover how using songs and rhymes can help early literacy and language development


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Working with parents to support children's communication development

As childcare professionals we know that parents and carers are key to supporting their children's development.This is particularly important for communication and language development as these skills have their roots in bonding and emotional attachment with caregivers.


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