Award-winning app for an award-winning childminder

We had the chance to speak with award-winning childminder and PACEY member, Sam McKenna, about how Kinderly has supported her business. 


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Planning for Learning a huge success

Two enjoyable and informative `Planning for Learning’  training events were held by PACEY Cymru on Saturday 17 September and took place in Neath and Colwyn Bay.


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Childcare offer in Wales

The Welsh Government wants to hear from childcare providers across the private, public and voluntary sectors in shaping this childcare offer. 


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Why sleep is so very important

Sleep deprivation can have a number of profound effects on a child’s mental, physical and emotional health. It can also significantly impact on youngster’s behaviour during the day. A child who is sleep deprived is unlikely to be able to meet their full potential yet sleep problems are often not considered during assessment.  


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PACEY’s paediatric first aid training

Claire has been working in childcare for 12 years and attended one of PACEY's paediatric first aid courses. Here, she tells us all about her experience. 


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Ice age ideas

Everyone loves dinosaurs, right? These activities are a great way of getting children engaged and their imaginations racing. Plus you can link in the different areas of learning in both the Early Years Foundation Stage in England, and the Foundation Phase in Wales.


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Supporting families through change

Making a change - big or small - affects everyone differently. Some children will be excited, curious and adapt to change quickly. Others may need more time to absorb and accept change. 



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Working with a disabled child

As a childcare student I'd had no experience of working with disabled children, but it was during my first year of studying my Level 3 BTEC in Children’s Play, Learning and Development that I first got this opportunity. I started working with Elsa Maria, an 8 year old girl with cerebral palsy every morning during the weekends and school holidays; and it was the start of a wonderful journey.


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Be School Ready with PTA UK

Moving from an early years childcare setting to primary school is a big step. The transition can be daunting for both children and parents alike, particularly if the child is young for the year or needs a little more support. So, the role of childminders and pre-schools is critical to bridging the gap between these two phases and underpins a successful move from one to the other.


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Top tips for listening

“Listening is one of the most important of all the skills that children need if they are to learn from their environment (the world around them).”


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