‘In The Club?’ No thank you.

At PACEY we have always taken our role very seriously in championing the work you do at the highest levels. Sadly there are times when childminders are depicted in a less than favourable light. A case in point is the current drama ‘In The Club’ on BBC One.


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Seeking out sounds - helping children get school-ready

With summer here, many of us are focused on transition of preschoolers to "Big School". Pre-school children have widely differing levels of language, social and physical skills. So how do you meet each child's needs and make sure that they reach school with a solid foundation on which to build their ongoing education?



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Signs to support all children

Childminder Jude uses British Sign Language as part of Sign Supported Speech in her setting to aid all children's development.


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Getting 2 year olds talking: how practitioners can use resources to support working with parents

A recent survey from Save the Children, as part of the Read On. Get On campaign found that:

  • Only 27% of parents accurately knew how many words their child should know at 2½ years.
  • A quarter of parents do not feel confident that they know what to expect from children’s language at 5 years.
  • Only a third (36%) of parents feel they have had all the support and advice they need to support their child’s early learning, including speech and language development.

This makes it clear - parents don’t have enough information, and they would like support and advice about children's speech, language and communication development and how they can help.


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Unsupervised over-8s in childcare settings in Wales

There have been changes confirmed and now published in Wales to the National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare for children up to the age of 12. These come into force on the 1st April. 


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Recruiting in a nursery

Most managers would agree that the greatest resource that they have available to their children is the practitioners. Having the right people in place to support children in their early years is crucial; so how do you go about ensuring you have the right people in your setting?


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A day in my life as a nanny

Vicky is a live-out nanny for a family with four lively children. Read on to learn more about her typical day.


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Secure attachment: The importance of responsive relationships in childcare

What does secure attachment really mean and how can children benefit from responsive relationships?


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What is SLI and how can I help?

Discover what is meant by the term SLI or specific language impairment and how you can help support children with the condition. 


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Celebrating community childminding

Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network (BCCN) is going from strength to strength, supporting families in Bucks.


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