PACEY Policy - Aug/Sept

Welcome to PACEY’s regular policy update, which provides a summary of the latest policy developments in England and Wales concerning childcare and early years, and how we are representing your views to key decision makers.


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How to use 'My First Emotions' for emotional awareness

Children are not born knowing what their feelings are or how to cope with them. Children need other people, to teach them about emotions. Engage a child's emotions with 'My First Emotions' created by Skylark Learning. Get activity ideas, inspiration and an exclusive discount code!


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The benefits of baby massage

Baby massage has become increasingly popular, involving a variety of strokes and gentle holds on your baby, giving both parent and baby, significant benefits. Find out whether baby massage is something that could be useful for you are your baby. 


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Think before they bounce!

The use of trampolines is popular with children of varying ages, it can support their physical development, strengthens coordination, and encourages children to play outside. There are many points to consider if you choose to use a trampoline in your childcare setting, especially to reduce the risk of accidents and injury. 


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Taking it outside: creating a communication supportive environment for all weathers

For children we should make the most of opportunities to explore and develop their understanding of the world - which all involve expanding their language and communication horizons. Get ideas on the way you can continue to offer children support and take advantage of the opportunities for them to learn.


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Ditching the paperwork and taking the plunge online

Jane Comeau talks about her journey of moving away from written observations, diaries and printed reports, saving time and money by going digital with Kinderly. 


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Top tips for childminder business owners

Hannah Martin is founder of a successful website, Talented Ladies Club, with daily business advice and inspiration to help you grow a business you love. Here she gives some top business advice to all those ‘talented ladies and gents’ out there who are running childminding businesses.


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Annabel Karmel’s top 10 tips for childminder business entrepreneurs

Annabel Karmel is a business woman who has achieved worldwide success with her best-selling books and food for the early years market. Yet it all started at home, at her kitchen table, whilst she was looking after her children. PACEY asked Annabel to give her top ten tips on how childminders can make their businesses the most successful they can be.


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Strength and stability

With 30 hours on the horizon, childminders are facing more business challenges ahead so being able to manage this aspect of a childminding setting is an essential skill.


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A childminding journey to outstanding

Read two childminder's story about their journey from being a first time mum and dad to becoming an outstanding childminder setting and members of Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network (BCCN). 


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