Registered childminders

Registered childminders work in their own home, caring for other people's children. Regulated and inspected by Ofsted (in England) or CSSIW (in Wales), you can be sure that your childminder has the training, checks and credentials to give you peace of mind.

Using childcare in a home environment means your children can enjoy real-life learning experiences like cooking, shopping, gardening, mealtimes and outings to the park and library. Childminders can be spontaneous, too - making the most of a sunny or unexpectedly snowy day as a great opportunity for outdoor play and learning.

Many childminders are able to offer the free early education sessions all children are entitled to. And, of course, childminders are able to care for children of different ages, meaning brothers and sisters can be cared for together.

Childminders are ideally placed for looking after disabled children, taking into account their unique requirements, and working closely with you to provide personalised care.

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