A secure bond with each child

Babies and toddlers need to be able to form a secure bond with their carer and have plenty of focused attention, so look for a childcarer who's warm and affectionate and responsive to your child's needs. Spend some time with your potential childcare provider to see how they interact with your child.

“Your personal observations will be worth a million references.”  Margot Sunderland, What every parent needs to know

A good childcare provider will enable you to feel happy, confident and comfortable with the care your child receives. They will work in partnership with you to provide a warm and responsive environment in which your child can feel safe, learn and build confidence.

Regardless of whether your child attends a home-based setting or a more formal environment, a secure bond with their childminder, nanny or key worker will help your child to feel safe and loved, and will help to provide them with the confidence to explore and learn about the world.

…care and education must not be mutually exclusive – all learning can take place in a caring atmosphere that responds to children’s all round needs, and a caring atmosphere can also be one in which young children learn and develop.”
Professor Cathy Nutbrown, Foundations for Quality, The independent review of early education and childcare qualifications

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