The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and what this means to you and your child

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) is a mandatory framework relating to the Childcare Act 2006. It is for practitioners to follow, and is used by all Early Years practitioners, including reception teachers.

Children learn and develop at their own pace, but more rapidly during the first five years of their life than at any other time. Parents in particular, as well as those who are closest to them, can easily identify what their child can do at any given stage.

For parents, the EYFS can provide an invaluable tool as guidance on how best to support your child through their first five years, and shows how this can be achieved through ideas on 'what to look for' as well as how to provide support within the seven areas of learning.

Follow the links to learn more about each of these areas:

It is important to have an accessible framework which can be shared with parents. It outlines strategies to support your child and from which their progress can be 'measured', providing outcomes which ensure they are meeting the learning and development expectations for their age.

Whilst children do not learn within boxes or categories, it is this framework which allows measures to be undertaken through the seven areas of learning through an holistic, or 'complete' view of how your child is developing.

As a parent, it is important to know what to expect during those all important early years, and whilst every child is different and develop at varying rates, it serves as a platform from which you can see your child grow. A guide to highlight these areas of learning and development and what to expect at the various ages can be found here: What to Expect When

This can be used as a reference and a prompt and will take you through a child’s development in age bands giving you, as a parent, ideas of what you may notice, and how you can explore and try new things together to extend their learning.

Further links to understand more about children’s development within the three Prime and four Specific areas which make up the Framework can be found on the Starting School Together forums here, where subsequent threads can be found and lead to an explanation of each arm of the framework.

Building on what children already know and can do is key to extending their learning and development, not just within the seven areas of the EYFS Framework but to continue to be confident learners with the life skills they have already mastered.  If, as a parent you feel unsure around this, then there are further areas where support can be found.

The SST website offers fact sheets and resources to highlight the key areas of 'school readiness' and what may be expected of your child as they continue with this important journey. Some 'top tips' here may help in preparing your child for school which you may find useful as you and your child prepare for the exciting time ahead!

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