Tips, factsheets and downloads

Sharing books

Sharing books with your child is a great way to explore ideas and learn together. Watch PACEY President and childcare expert Penny Tassoni's top tips for reading together.

Role of the key person

Whatever your childcare setting, your child will have a key person assigned to them. Learn more about what the key person's role is and how you can work well together.

Mark making

Explore what mark making is and how you can support your child to develop the early skills needed to start writing and develop mathematical  understanding, creative expression, art and drawing.

Outdoor play

Access to outdoor play is so important to children's development. Learn more about why, and discover ideas and inspiration to get outside together.

Transitions and settling in

Change can be a challenge - for you as well as for your child. This factsheet looks at how you and your childcarer can work together to support your child through change - from settling in with a new childcarer to leaving childcare and heading to school.