Settling disputes

Got a dispute with your childcarer? The children are likely to pick up on disagreements between their parents and their childcarer so it's in everyone's interest to resolve the issue as quickly and amicably as possible. 

If you do have a dispute we recommend to:

  • Try to discuss and settle the disagreement as the problem crops up, preferably by talking it through when the children are not around.
  • Sit down and explain why the issue is causing you a problem. It helps if the other party fully understands why you are upset. 
  • Refer to your contract. Remember this is a signed agreement and lays out many areas of your working relationship.
  • Try to keep calm. There is nothing to be gained – unless the safety of the children is at risk – by making a sudden decision to stop your childcare arrangement as a result of a disagreement. 
  • If you cannot settle the dispute initially, calling the Citizens Advice line may help give you further guidance on resolving your issue

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