'Grant i Blant'

Darllenwch hyn yn Gymraeg yma.  Read this in Welsh here.

'Grant i Blant' Small grant scheme in Wales

Thanks to a donation from the Moondance Foundation PACEY childminder, approved nanny or manager members in Wales who renew their membership between the 1st April 2024 and 31 March 2025 will have the opportunity to apply for a small grant to support outcomes for children in their care. 

  • For childminder and manager members this will be up to the value of £200. Please note grants will be limited to one per CIW registered setting or address.
  • For approved nanny members this will be up to the value of the cost of annual renewal on CIW’s Voluntary Approval Scheme (currently £55).

New childminder, approved nanny or manager members of PACEY will also have the opportunity to apply for a grant, in line with the above, if they join between April 2024 and March 2025.

If your membership is due for renewal, or you are looking to join PACEY, we highly recommend you renew or join now in order to take advantage of this offer.

About the grant

The aim of the grant is to support eligible PACEY members to provide activities and experiences for the children in their care.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below will support you with your application.

Who can apply?

Members of PACEY who join or renew the following types of membership between 1 April 2024 and 31 March 2025. 

  • Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members
  • Manager or Manager Plus members

Who can't apply?

The following are not eligible for a small grant                                                                                                            

  • Practitioner Assistant (ie childminder assistants and nursery workers)
  • Nanny Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members not on CIW’s approval scheme
  • PACEY Learner members
  • Quality Partner members

Are these grants available to PACEY members in England?

No, grant funding is for Wales based members only.                                                                                                            

When can I apply?

After eligible PACEY members have renewed their membership or joined PACEY as a new member (between the 1st April 2024 and 31 March 2025) they are able to apply for the small grant. The grant application should be received within the 8 weeks period following joining or renewal.

My membership is not due for renewal can I apply early or before my renewal date?

No, you will need to wait until you have renewed your membership before you can apply.                                                                                           

How much can I apply for?

  • Childminder Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members can each apply for up to £200
  • Manager/Manager Plus members can each apply for up to £200 per membership.
  • Nanny Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members who are on CIW’s approval scheme can apply for up to £55 to support their annual cost of CIW approval.                                                                                        

What can the grant be used for?

The aim of the grant is to support eligible PACEY members to provide activities and experiences for the children in their care that cannot be accessed through other grant funding such as local authority small capital or sustainability grants. We need to ensure there is not any replication of funding available from other sources.

Grants will be considered for the following items:

  • Materials to support activities and experiences of children in the setting. For example clay, sand, paint, craft materials.
  • Cost of entry fee to community venues and attractions including country parks, zoos, farm parks, castles, soft play, cinema, theatres, activity and sports centres.
  • Annual passes or memberships to venues and attractions will also be considered.

Please note for Nanny Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members on CIW’s approval scheme the grant can only be used towards their annual cost of CIW approval.

What cannot be funded?

Each application will be considered on an individual basis, however costs relating to the following will not be funded:

  • Items that can be applied for through the Childcare and Early Years capital programme: small grants scheme will not be funded. You will need to apply to your local authority in relation to these.
  • Food and drink
  • Entry fees for friends and family who do not work in the childcare service
  • Entry fees for children who are not cared for as part of the registered childcare service

Is the grant for all children in my care?

Yes, the grant is for all children who are cared for as part of your childcare service including your own children.               

My PACEY membership has been paid by the local authority can I apply for a small grant for my setting?

Yes, however you will need your PACEY membership number to apply.                                                                                     

Why is the grant funding for nannies less?

It is the parent’s responsibility to cover the costs of activities and experiences for the children in the care of a nanny. Grant funding is only available towards the annual cost of CIW approval for Nanny Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members.

I am not an approved nanny, can I still apply?

No, only Nanny Practitioner or Practitioner Plus members who are on CIW’s approval scheme can apply.                             

I am not currently a member of PACEY can I apply?

The grant is only available to PACEY members.

Please see our PACEY Membership packages to join PACEY and then be eligible to apply for the grant.                                  

How do I apply?

Once you have renewed or joined PACEY between 1st April 2024 and the 31st March 2025 complete the grant application form on Survey Monkey.

Please read the grant declaration and terms and conditions carefully  and ensure you have completed all sections of the form providing clear information and costs.

Please do not incur any costs until your application has been agreed as these will not be accepted.

How is my application processed?

On receipt of your application PACEY Cymru will check it is complete and meets agreed eligibility criteria.We will contact you as soon as possible with any queries at this stage.

Applications will be processed through PACEY Cymru’s grant panel and you will be notified of the outcome within 28 days.

If your application is approved PACEY Cymru will confirm this with you by email.

You will need at this point to confirm acceptance of the grant by email and provide your bank details for the funding to be received.

If your application is not approved, you will have the opportunity to discuss with a member of our team and we will consider re-application (subject to funding).

If you need to make changes following approval please contact PACEY Cymru as soon as possible to discuss.

How and when will I be paid?

Once your application has been approved and acceptance of the grant received, PACEY Cymru will make a BACS payment within 28 days to the bank account details provided in your acceptance email.

What monitoring and evaluation is undertaken?

You will need to keep all receipts in line with your grant application.

PACEY Cymru will not be asking for these to be returned routinely as evidence.However all receipts must be kept available for PACEY Cymru to make checks for auditing purposes as and when required and you may be contacted to provide these.

PACEY Cymru may contact you to support the production of case studies and evidence around the use of funding and how this has benefitted your service and the children in your care.

We hope we have answered your queries through these FAQs, however if you have if you would like to discuss further, please contact us on:

Email: paceycymru@pacey.org.uk

Phone: 02920 351407

'Grant i Blant' Cynllun grantiau bach yng Nghymru

Gyda diolch i rodd gan Moondance, bydd aelodau gwarchodwr plant PACEY, nani cymeradwy neu reolwyr yng Nghymru sy’n adnewyddu eu haelodaeth rhwng 1 Ebrill 2024 a 31 Mawrth 2025 yn cael cyfle i wneud cais am grant bach i gefnogi canlyniadau i blant yn eu gofal.

  • Ar gyfer gwarchodwyr plant a rheolwyr sy’n aelodau, bydd hyn yn werth hyd at £200. Sylwch y bydd grantiau'n cael eu cyfyngu i un fesul lleoliad neu gyfeiriad cofrestredig AGC.
  • Ar gyfer aelodau nani cymeradwy bydd hyn hyd at werth y gost adnewyddu flynyddol ar Gynllun Cymeradwyo Gwirfoddol AGC (£55 ar hyn o bryd).

Bydd gwarchodwyr plant newydd, nani cymeradwy neu reolwyr sy’n aelodau o PACEY hefyd yn cael y cyfle i wneud cais am grant, yn unol â’r uchod, os byddant yn ymuno rhwng Ebrill 2024 a Mawrth 2025.

Os bydd eich aelodaeth yn cael ei hadnewyddu, neu os ydych am ymuno â PACEY, rydym yn argymell yn gryf eich bod yn adnewyddu neu'n ymuno nawr er mwyn manteisio ar y cynnig hwn.

Gwybodaeth grant

Nod y grant yw cefnogi aelodau PACEY cymwys i ddarparu gweithgareddau a phrofiadau i'r plant yn eu gofal.

Bydd y cwestiynau Cyffredin isod yn eich cefnogi â'ch cais.

Pwy sy’n gallu ymgeisio?

Aelodau PACEY sy'n ymuno â neu'n adnewyddu'r mathau canlynol o aelodaeth rhwng 1 Ebrill 2024 a 31 Mawrth 2025.

  • Aelodau Ymarferwr neu Ymarferwr +
  • Aelodau Rheolwr neu Rheolwr +

Pwy nad ydynt yn gallu ymgeisio?

Nid yw'r canlynol yn gymwys ar gyfer grant bach                                                                                                         

  • Cynorthwyydd Ymarferydd (hy cynorthwywyr gwarchodwr plant a gweithwyr meithrinfa)
  • Ymarferwr Nani neu aelodau Ymarferwr + nad ydynt ar gynllun cymeradwyo AGC
  • Aelodau Dysgwyr PACEY
  • Aelodau Partner Ansawdd

Ydy'r grantiau hyn ar gael i aelodau PACEY yn Lloegr?

Nac ydynt, mae cyllid grant ar gyfer aelodau PACEY yng Nghymru yn unig.                                                                           

Pryd galla i ymgeisio

Ar ôl i aelodau PACEY cymwys adnewyddu eu haelodaeth neu ymuno â PACEY fel aelod newydd (rhwng 1 Ebrill 2024 a 31 Mawrth 2025), gallant wneud cais am y grant bach. Dylid derbyn y cais grant o fewn y cyfnod 8 wythnos ar ôl ymuno neu adnewyddu.

Nid yw'n bryd adnewyddu fy aelodaeth, a allaf wneud cais yn gynnar neu cyn fy nyddiad adnewyddu?

Na, bydd angen i chi aros nes y byddwch wedi adnewyddu'ch aelodaeth cyn y gallwch wneud cais.                                      

Faint alla i wneud cais amdano?

  • Gall aelodau Ymarferwr neu Ymarferwr + Gwarchodwr Plant wneud cais am hyd at £200 yr un.
  • Gall aelodau Rheolwr/Rheolwr + wneud cais am hyd at £200 yr un fesul aelodaeth.
  • Gall aelodau Ymarferwr neu Ymarferwr + Nani sydd ar gynllun cymeradwyaeth AGC wneud cais am hyd at £55 i gefnogi eu cost flynyddol o gymeradwyaeth AGC.                                                                                

Beth ellir defnyddio’r grant ar ei gyfer?

Nod y grant yw cefnogi aelodau cymwys PACEY i ddarparu gweithgareddau a phrofiadau i’r plant yn eu gofal na ellir eu cyrchu trwy gyllid grant arall megis grantiau cyfalaf bach neu gynaliadwyedd awdurdodau lleol. Mae angen i ni sicrhau nad oes unrhyw ddyblygu cyllid ar gael o ffynonellau eraill.

Bydd grantiau'n cael eu hystyried ar gyfer yr eitemau canlynol:

  • Deunyddiau i gefnogi gweithgareddau a phrofiadau plant yn y lleoliad. Er enghraifft, clai, tywod, paent, deunyddiau crefft.
  • Cost mynediad i leoliadau cymunedol ac atyniadau gan gynnwys parciau gwledig, sŵau, parciau fferm, cestyll, chwarae meddal, sinema, theatrau, canolfannau gweithgareddau a chwaraeon.
  • Bydd tocynnau blynyddol neu aelodaeth i leoliadau ac atyniadau hefyd yn cael eu hystyried

Sylwer ar gyfer aelodau Ymarferydd neu Ymarferydd + Nani ar gynllun cymeradwyo AGC dim ond tuag at eu cost flynyddol o gymeradwyaeth AGC y gellir defnyddio’r grant.

Beth na ellir ei ariannu?

Bydd pob cais yn cael ei ystyried yn unigol, fodd bynnag ni fydd costau sy’n ymwneud â’r canlynol yn cael eu hariannu:

  • Ni chaiff eitemau y gellir gwneud cais amdanynt drwy'r rhaglen gyfalaf Gofal Plant a'r Blynyddoedd Cynnar: cynllun grantiau bach eu hariannu. Bydd angen i chi wneud cais i'ch awdurdod lleol mewn perthynas â'r rhain.
  • Bwyd a diod
  • Ffioedd mynediad i ffrindiau a theulu nad ydynt yn gweithio yn y gwasanaeth gofal plant
  • Ffioedd mynediad i blant nad ydynt yn derbyn gofal fel rhan o'r gwasanaeth gofal plant cofrestredig

Ydy’r grant ar gyfer pob plentyn dan fy ngofal?

Ydy, mae'r grant ar gyfer yr holl blant y gofalir amdanynt fel rhan o'ch gwasanaeth gofal plant, gan gynnwys eich plant eich hun.

Mae'r awdurdod lleol wedi talu ar gyfer fy aelodaeth PACEY, alla i wneud cais am grant bach ar gyfer fy lleoliad?

Gallwch, fodd bynnag bydd angen eich rhif aelodaeth PACEY arnoch i wneud cais.                                                                

Pam mae'r grant i nanis yn is?

Cyfrifoldeb y rhiant yw talu costau gweithgareddau a phrofiadau plant dan ofal nani. Dim ond at gost flynyddol cymeradwyaeth AGC y mae cyllid grant ar gael i aelodau Ymarferwr neu Ymarferwr + Nani.

Dydw i ddim yn nani cymeradwy, a allaf wneud cais o hyd?

Na allwch, dim ond aelodau Ymarferwr neu Ymarferwr + Nani sydd ar gynllun cymeradwyaeth AGC all wneud cais.     

Dydw i ddim yn aelod PACEY ar hyn o bryd, alla i wneud cais?

Dim ond i aelodau PACEY y mae'r grant ar gael.
Gweler ein pecynnau Aelodaeth PACEY i ymuno â PACEY a bod yn gymwys i wneud cais am y grant.                             

Sut ydw i’n gwneud cais?

Unwaith y byddwch wedi adnewyddu neu ymuno â PACEY rhwng 1 Ebrill 2024 a 31 Mawrth 2025, cwblhewch y ffurflen gais grant ar Survey Monkey.

Darllenwch y datganiad a thelerau ac amodau grant yn ofalus ar Survey Monkey a sicrhewch eich bod wedi cwblhau pob adran o'r ffurflen gan ddarparu gwybodaeth a chostau clir.

Peidiwch â mynd i unrhyw gostau nes bod eich cais wedi'i gytuno gan na fydd y rhain yn cael eu derbyn.

Sut bydd fy nghais yn cael ei brosesu?

Ar dderbyn eich cais bydd PACEY Cymru yn gwirio ei fod yn gyflawn ac yn bodloni meini prawf cymhwysedd y cytunwyd arnynt.Byddwn yn cysylltu â chi cyn gynted â phosib gydag unrhyw ymholiadau ar y cam hwn.

Bydd ceisiadau yn cael eu prosesu trwy banel grantiau PACEY Cymru a byddwch yn cael gwybod am y canlyniad o fewn 28 diwrnod.

Os bydd eich cais yn cael ei gymeradwyo, bydd PACEY Cymru yn cadarnhau drwy e-bost.

Ar y cam hwn bydd angen i chi gadarnhau derbyniad o'r grant drwy e-bost a darparu'ch manylion banc er mwyn derbyn y cyllid.

Os nad yw'ch cais yn cael ei gymeradwyo, bydd gennych y cyfle i drafod hyn ag aelod o'n tîm a byddwn yn ystyried ail-ymgeisio (yn amodol ar gyllid).

Os oes angen i chi wneud newidiadau yn dilyn y gymeradwyaeth, cysylltwch â PACEY Cymru cyn gynted â phosib i drafod.

Sut a pryd bydda i’n cael fy nhalu?

Unwaith y bydd eich grant wedi'i gymeradwyo a derbyniad y grant wedi'i dderbyn, bydd PACEY Cymru yn gwneud taliad BACS o fewn 28 diwrnod i'r manylion cyfrif banc a ddarparwyd yn eich e-bost derbyn.

Pa fath o fonitro a gwerthuso bydd yn digwydd?

Bydd angen i chi gadw'ch holl dderbynebau yn unol â'ch cais grant.

Ni fydd PACEY Cymru yn gofyn am ddychwelyd y rhain fel tystiolaeth fel mater o drefn.  Fodd bynnag rhaid cadw pob derbynneb er mwyn i PACEY Cymru wneud gwiriadau at ddibenion archwilio yn ôl yr angen ac mae'n bosib y byddwn yn cysylltu â chi i ddarparu'r rhain.

Gallai PACEY Cymru gysylltu â chi i gefnogi'r gwaith o gynhyrchu astudiaethau achos a thystiolaeth ynghylch y defnydd o gyllid a sut mae hyn wedi bod o fudd i'ch gwasanaeth a'r plant yn eich gofal.

Gobeithiwn ein bod wedi ateb eich ymholiadau drwy'r Cwestiynau Cyffredin hyn, fodd bynnag os hoffech drafod ymhellach, cysylltwch â ni ar:

EE-bost: paceycymru@pacey.org.uk

Ffôn: 02920 351407