Children Come First childminding networks

Childminding networks have evolved over the years and they currently take many forms, depending on the variety of local needs and requirements.

The current PACEY Children Come First (CCF) model is designed to support networks to develop so they can ensure they meet local need and provide services to support local authority priorities and duties.

The focus is on quality improvement and providing an inclusive network model that can provide support to childminders, increasing quality and targeting local authority services to the provision that most needs it, including those that are judged inadequate and requires improvement

This model allows the network the flexibility to target monitoring visits where they are most needed and reduce the number of visits where confident in the quality of provision. This targeted approach enables quality to be maintained, and supports quality improvement, whilst also improving the network reach by facilitating an increase in network membership.

Locally used quality improvement and assurance programmes can be integrated into the process to reduce and avoid duplication of work enabling a more joined up approach.

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