Free courses for members

PACEY membership comes complete with free courses for members to help improve their practice and CPD. 

Delivering the EYFS (England only)
Explores the EYFS, England's regulatory framework, and examines what this means in practice for childcarers.

Expectations of behaviour
Understand what challenging behaviour means in the context of child development and explore strategies to manage it, working in partnership with parents.

Foundation Phase (Wales only)
Find out more about the principles of the Foundation Phase for 3- to 7-year-olds and apply its learning in a way that’s appropriate to the age, abilities and development of children you care for.

Raising developmental concerns with parents
Consider the defining stages of a child’s development and identify emotions involved in working with parents when you raise concerns.

Safeguarding children
Understand your roles and responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding and protecting children.

Explaining what a schema is and the theories behind them. The value of schemas in supporting children's learning and development is also explored.

Supporting children's emotional wellbeing
Essential information on how you can support children's emotional wellbeing, ideal for members new to careers in childcare and early years.

Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs
Learn how children acquire language and explore why some children have speech, language and communication needs.

Effective partnership working with fathers
This course is ideal for childcare providers who would like to understand more about how to work in partnership with fathers and engage them in their children's early learning.