High quality childcare, play opportunities and early education are crucial for young children to get the best possible start in life and working with children can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

If you love being with children, are dedicated to keeping them safe and happy, and are interested in educating and stimulating them to prepare for later life then a career in childcare could be perfect for you.

Childcare professionals play a vital role in supporting, inspiring and laying the foundation for all-round development in children’s formative years and preparing them for adulthood. The work of childcare professionals has a far reaching impact. Recognising the importance of play in supporting children’s social and emotional development and creativity, childcare professionals enable children to be resilient and prepare them for the range of transitions in their lives.

All kinds of people work in early years and childcare. Children need a variety of positive role models and good influences. School leavers and students, adults of all ages, people from all cultures and backgrounds, men and women - with or without previous experience - all play an important part.

What they have in common is patience, enthusiasm, empathy, a sense of responsibility and a sense of fun!

Working with children often involves working with parents too, helping them to understand and support their child's development in the home learning environment. It often involves working with others or as part of a team.

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You can share exciting experiences with and learn from children to prepare them for the wider world

Sue, Childminder, Cambridgeshire

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