Childminder Day!

On 20th August 2018, PACEY and Mummy's Gin Fund joined forces for Childminder Day. A whole day dedicated to firstly, parents who want to know more about childminders and secondly, those who are considering a career in childminding. With videos, Facebook lives, blogs and free resources we had a wealth of conversation, information and inspiration to share throughout the day.

So in case you missed all the amazing resources we shared, we have complied them here! Enjoy!


Have you ever wondered what the 10 best things about being a childminder are? Or perhaps you are a parent and want to know how a childminder could save your life? We released a number of blogs to tell you just that. Read them all here:


Facebook Lives 

As part of the day, Mummy's Gin Fund hosted two Facebook Lives where we spoke to parents, childminders, and PACEY early years expert, Theresa Johnson, asking the questions you all wanted answers too. You can watch these videos back on the Mummy's Gin Fund Facebook page.




So... why do you love your childminder?

We went for a visit at the lovely Pebbles Childcare and spoke to the children about why they love their childminder, and the results were super cute!

If you are still wondering what the right childcare option is for you, then check out our guides. They are FREE for members and only £1.99 for non-members.

Inspired to become a childminder?

If you've got the bug and want to explore becoming a registered childminder, there's loads of information about the registration process on our website. You can do the pre-registration briefing, which gives you a warts-and-all look at what being a childminder is all about. You can also join our First Steps to Childminding Facebook group - dedicated to supporting you in your journey to become a childminder.