Becoming a childminding assistant in Wales

Darllenwch hyn yn Gymraeg yma

If you are interested in working with small groups of children in a homely environment, then becoming a childminding assistant could be the role for you.

Working under the supervision of, and in partnership with the registered childminder, a childminding assistant will support them in providing high quality care to the children, appropriate learning experiences, and help to ensure their safety and wellbeing. You can find out more about the role of a childminding assistant in our template childminding assistant job description.

A childminder assistants can be an employee or a volunteer in a paid or unpaid role, who works with children under a registered childminder.  Therefore, to become a childminding assistant you would need to find a childminder that is looking to recruit an assistant. You may find a vacancy through word of mouth, local jobs boards, or recruitment websites such as WeCareWales.

Steps to becoming a childminding assistant

In Wales there are specific requirements for childminding assistants outlined within Annex A of the National Minimum Standards for regulated childcare, including training that should be completed before commencing in the role. This includes:

The framework notes Introduction to Home-based childcare (IHC) as the current unit accepted, PACEY Cymru can deliver this training, see home-based childcare training in Wales.  Those who hold one of the past qualifications noted in the framework do not have to complete IHC.  Please contact your local authority childcare team for details on how to access training and funding available.

  • Childminding assistants must complete Paediatric First Aid training appropriate to the role.

Any assistant who might be in sole charge of the children for any period of time, must hold a Full Paediatric First Aid certificate (12 hours) before commencing child minding. (Standard 10.22). If the assistant is not left in sole charge of children, they should have an Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate. The Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate (6 hours) should be undertaken within three months of starting work. (Standard 10.23). A lead in time of 18 months until the end of November 2024 is provided to enable providers to meet the new qualification requirements related to First Aid.

Please contact your local authority childcare team for details of local training, we also have some information at First Aid training in Wales.

  • Childminding assistants must complete child protection / safeguarding training.

Childminding assistants are required to complete safeguarding training at Group B (level 2 – Intermediate course). This includes awareness of safeguarding and child protection issues, including physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. A lead in time of 18 months until the end of November 2024 is provided to enable providers to meet the new training requirements. Please contact your local authority childcare team for details of local training.

In addition to safeguarding training, it will be important to be able to put the child protection / safeguarding policy into practice and implement the procedures, including the responsibility to report concerns according to the Wales Safeguarding Procedures without delay.

  • When recruiting an assistant, the registered childminder must ensure that they are a suitable person for the role.

As part of the recruitment process, the registered childminder will need to check your suitability for working with children. This will include completing DBS checks and taking up references, as well as checking your knowledge, training, and experience.

Working as a childminding assistant

Once you have successfully commenced in your role as a childminding assistant, it will be important to work through an induction process with your employer to help you understand your role and responsibilities, how the service runs, and to be able to implement the setting policies and procedures. The Social Care Wales Induction framework for early years and childcare can help provide you with a structured start in your new role.

It will also be important to continue to learn and develop in your role through regular supervision and appraisal, and by seeking opportunities for Continuous Professional Development. PACEY Practitioner Assistant membership offers access to free training, we also have a programme of webinars and events available.

For further information please contact PACEY Cymru at or 0290 351407.