Local authorities

England and Wales are divided into local authority areas. These authorities control local spending and have specfic duties when it comes to providing childcare.

PACEY believes in developing strong working relationships with local authorities. Sustainable, quality childcare, rooted in the community, can provide solutions to a number of the challenges faced by local authorities.

Reliable childcare gives parents the freedom to return to work or study. It can help local employers to develop their businesses, communities to achieve their regeneration aims, and children to achieve their potential, socially and educationally.

PACEY's work helps to support providers of flexible, cost-effective and sustainable childcare places within local communities. These providers offer a unique family support service that can deliver the early care and learning that studies have shown to be so important to children’s futures.

Read more about how PACEY works with local authorities in England and in Wales here.

Find your local authority area here.

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