Register as a childminder in Wales

If you want to be paid to look after children under 12 in Wales for more than two hours a day, you must register with CIW.

Can I register?

Before you register, you must ensure that you:

  • have the right to work in the UK
  • are aged 18 or over
  • are allowed to work with children - you’ll need to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check beforehand, along with anyone else living with you over aged 16
  • are physically and mentally capable of caring for children. Your doctor will have to sign a health declaration form to confirm this.

You can’t register if you’re disqualified, for example:

  • if you are barred from working with children
  • if you have been refused registration previously
  • if you have had your registration cancelled by CIW previously
  • if you live in the same place as someone else who is disqualified.

First five steps to registration in Wales.

  • Attend a Briefing Information Session
  • Complete the pre-registration training 'Understand how to set up a Home-Based Childcare Service' (CYPOP5 Unit)
  • Make use of the pre-registration support and workshops available
  • Complete and submit your application to CIW, including the health reference from your doctor; details of your paediatric first aid training and pre-registration training (CYPOP 5) certificates
  • Undertake Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (DBS) for you and anyone else over 16 in your home.

We have created a Steps to Registration Checklist that you can download free of charge. The checklist is a quick way of documenting what actions you have / need to complete before being able to register as a childminder in Wales.  

To find out more about local briefing sessions and pre-registration training and support available to you contact the Wales office on 0845 8801299 or email

Once you have attended a briefing session and successfully undertaken your pre-registration training, you will need to complete CIW’s application form to become a registered childminder.

The application packs for childminding are available from the CIW website. You'll also find the National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare for Children up to the age of 12 years on the CIW website. You'll need to read these carefully to make sure you fully understand the rules and regulations you need to work under.

When you submit your completed application form to CIW, you will also need to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly known as CRB). This will include any people on the proposed childminding premises aged 16 or over. You must contact one of CIW's offices to request a DBS check. They will confirm if you are eligible for a check and once confirmed, they will refer you to their third party provider. Further information on CIW requirements for DBS checks is available here.

Checks by CIW

Once you've submitted your application CIW will undertake a number of checks to evidence your suitability. Following these CIW will then visit your setting to discuss your application for registration and carry out a check of the premises inside and outside. You should have everything ready in place at this visit. This helps CIW to further make a decision on your suitability as a childminder.

Page 8 of the CIW registration guidance gives further information on what the inspector will be looking to discuss and assess.

The CIW inspector will decide the number of children that you are able to care for at any one time, up to a maximum of ten children under 12 years, of which usually no more than six may be under 8 years old, no more than three under 5 and no more than two under 18 months. If you have any children of your own under 12, they will be included in these numbers. You'll find out more at your local Briefing Information Session.

Following this visit you may be required to submit further information to CIW in line with any matters identified at the home visit. Once CIW has written confirmation from you that any matters identified at the home visit have been resolved CIW will make a final decision on your registration. This usually happens soon after the visit.

How long will it take to be registered?

As above, there are a number of steps to complete before submitting your application to CIW. For childminders once your application is submitted, it usually takes around three months to become registered. 

Successful registration

When your registration is successfully completed, you will receive a registration certificate from CIW and will then be able to start work as a registered childminder.

Once you receive your certificate of registration from CIW, you must display it in your childminding setting where parents and carers can see it.

Some local authorities have funding to offer start-up grants for childminders, so make sure to ask. The grants are to help with the costs you'll incur as your start your new childminding business. You can find the details of your local early years team here.

Insurance and membership of PACEY

Public liability insurance (PLI) is a legal requirement for registered childminders. It offers cover when you're working as a childminder against accidental damage or injury to the children or their possessions while in your care.

PACEY's PLI, which is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance PLC, offers PLI cover of £10,000,000 and professional indemnity cover of £100,000.

Being a member of PACEY will give you the support you need in your career. Discover more about the benefits and join today to make the best of your career.

Contact your local Family Information Service or early years team to see if there's funding available for your membership and insurance with PACEY. If so, they may be able to pay for your first year of membership through PACEY's Quality Start scheme. This is a year's membership (with all the benefits that includes), insurance, and a handy toolkit containing vital business paperwork including contracts and an accounts book.

We're here to help you

The team at PACEY Cymru offers a range of support, information, workshops and webinars to help you with your CIW application and to become registered.

For more information about PACEY Cymru, or for support with becoming a registered childminder in Wales, call us on 0845 880 1299 or email us at