Essential first aid training

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Babies and children are naturally curious, making them more prone to injury. If they're pre-verbal, they can't always explain any illness or injury symptoms they might be feeling, and can deteriorate quickly. It's vital that you have the correct knowledge, skills and confidence to know what to do in an emergency.

Here at PACEY we have a real understanding of the situations you're likely to experience as a childminder or when you're working in a nursery or as a nanny. Rather than just a general first aid training, we work with our providers to ensure that the course covers the specific paediatric first aid training that childcarers like you need, relating back to real-life situations.

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Why should I do first aid training?

First aid training is not only a mandatory requirement for registered childcare professionals, it saves lives. Whether it's a pre-schooler choking on a piece of fruit, a toddler having an febrile convulsion, or an accident in your setting or while out and about, there's no doubt that having relevant and an up-to-date first aid qualification is essential.

You just never know when you might need to treat a wound, manage an asthma attack or provide CPR. Get prepared by taking our first aid course for childcare workers.

What does the course cover?

We work with first aid training specialists Tigerlily training to provide a "blended course". An experienced paediatric first aid trainer will lead the training, guiding you through all the practical life-saving techniques you'll need. This is complemented with an online training course to help you refresh your theoretical knowledge. All the courses meet Ofsted's requirements around paediatric first aid.

We asked Claire, a special educational needs coordinator, to tell us about her experience of first aid training with PACEY.

The tutor was informative, giving lots of extra facts about situations. She was encouraging and very helpful. I felt at ease throughout the course, which made the day enjoyable and educational.

I have done several first aid courses through various companies. I really rated the Tigerlily course above the others. The training received was second to none. The lady carrying out the course was brilliant. Very down to earth and real. The online section of the course was really straightforward to follow, and was easily and quickly completed. Very well thought-out course. When I received my certificate I also recieved a discount voucher for the next one. It's well in date given that we only need to update every three years. Zoe Whiteman

Face to face group training with PACEY

You can book a discounted Tigerlily paediatric first aid course for a group in your childcare setting. 

Group first aid training