Nursery training FAQs

What is a blended course?

A blended course is one which combines both online learning, which can be done at home, and a face-to-face session with a tutor or assessor.

How long is a workshop?

A standard half day workshop is approximately two hours and a full day workshop is five hours long, but the length can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

What workshop topics are available?

The full range of topics can be found here. If you would like a workshop on a topic that isn’t listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

I’d like a workshop that covers more than one topic. Is this possible?

Absolutely. PACEY’s workshops are designed to be flexible around the specific needs of your staff and setting, so contact us to talk about your exact requirements.

Will certificates be issued to those that complete a course or workshop?

Yes. Individual certificates are issued for everyone who completes our online training or workshops.

Do the published prices of your training courses include VAT?

All of our training prices are inclusive of VAT. This means that if your business is VAT registered, the VAT can be reclaimed from H M Revenue & Customs via your normal VAT returns.

Is there a maximum number of people that can attend a workshop?

Yes. In order that everyone attending the course can get the most from both the tutor and the interactive elements, we limit workshops to a maximum of 25 people.

Where are your workshops held?

The fantastic thing about face-to-face training through PACEY is that we send our expert trainers to your setting, saving you both travel time and the expense of hiring an external venue.

What facilities or equipment do we need to provide?

Your tutor will bring a laptop loaded with their presentation and will need to connect it to something in order to display the slides to the group; either a projector or a large TV screen. Ideally they’d also have the use of a flip chart and pad.

The tutor will provide everything else you need in order to successfully complete the workshop, including any documents or supporting activities.

Do you deliver workshops anywhere in the UK?

Our main areas of focus are England and Wales, where we offer fantastic coverage through our network of PACEY Associates – qualified and experienced trainers who can deliver a first-class standard of workshop.

Please contact us to discuss the possibility of purchasing workshops outside of these core areas.