Safeguarding children training

Do you know how to safeguard and protect children?

If you work with children, you have a responsibility to help to protect them. You must be aware of your roles and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding, child protection and the welfare of children.

Children are vulnerable and rely on adults to help them to feel safe and secure. You have a responsibility to ensure that children are able to grow and develop in a safe and stimulating environment.

I've been on other child protection courses. This was the best learnt so much more. Many thanks to PACEY.

The PACEY safeguarding course has been designed to help you fulfil these requirements. It will help ensure you have the confidence to recognise, respond to and refer a child for further help if you should have any concerns.

Our child protection training course covers your duty of care and how this links to childcare regulation. Many of the aspects of safeguarding children are generic, for example risk assessing and signs and symptoms, however how you report will depend on your own local authority. So here we look at how you can identify your own local procedures. You'll also explore your responsibilities as either a lone worker or an employer.

"Excellent training with lots of resources provided to further knowledge and to keep as reference material."

You will know the children in your care very well and will be alert to any issues or concerns. The course looks at different types of abuse and how you might recognise any signs. You will also learn what actions you need to take if needed.

The final section of the course covers policies and procedures and encourages you to consider the procedures you will follow, whether you work alone or in a group setting. Having and reviewing a safeguarding policy allows you to clearly demonstrate to parents, colleagues and regulatory bodies that you understand the importance of having a clear procedure to follow should you have any concerns over a child, parent or colleague.

PACEY's Safeguarding course has been reviewed by Cache and the content fully endorsed. Cache is the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education and is the leading specialist awarding organisation for the care and education sector.

I am aware of what I need to include in my safeguarding policy. Being a childminder is lone working and I did not think about a whistle-blowing policy. Thanks to this training I will now include this.

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"We have viewed the training and thought it was brilliant! Very up to date and we loved the links to the EYFS and further resources."

Dionne Royston, Childcare Sufficiency and Safeguarding Advisor, Leicestershire County Council.